So, I finally watched Tyler Perry’s movie titled “Acrimony”. As I was watching this movie that lasted for 2 hours, I was filled with acrimony. When I was narrating the movie to a friend of mine- Seyi, I was filled with acrimony. When I was writing the synopsis and plot, down to the editing, I was filled with acrimony. When I did the review, I was filled with more acrimony; it started with acrimony and ended in acrimony, Phew!

For who? For what? Why? You may ask? Kindly find out here…

But first, who is yet to watch the movie? You, you, may be you? Okay let me hint you about the movie

The movie “Acrimony” was basically about the very hot-tempered Melinda (TARAJI P. HENSON (OLD), AJIONA ALEXUS (YOUNG) who fell irrevocably in love with an aspiring inventor ~Robert Gayle (LYRIQ BENT (OLD), ANTONIO MADISON (YOUNG), believed so much in his dreams and supported him in all ways.

Aside the fact that Melinda was richer than Robert, she had a family that cared about her compared to Robert’s.

Melinda was the last daughter/child of her parents and seemed to be her mum’s favourite. Perhaps, the reason her late mum bequeathed her a house and 350,000 dollars which she used up on Robert for his numerous research work on his battery invention and the expenses that came with it. She gave Robert everything; money as well as time in a bid to support his vision. I don’t even know why Melinda was so in love with Robert, may be because he was the one that disvirgined her or because he was so good sexually “Well, not my words, that was what Melinda said o”


Well, back to the movie. So Robert proposed to Melinda and she accepted to marry him, despite the fact that he cheated on her with Diana and she got her womb damaged when trying to harm both Diana and Robert when she caught them having sex, despite the fact that her sisters Brenda and June (PTOSHA STORY ACTED AS BRENDA; BRESHA WEBB ACTED AS YOUNG BRENDA; JAZMYN SIMON ACTED AS JUNE; RACQUEL BIANCA JOHN ACTED AS YOUNG JUNE) were against the union. For this reason, her sisters did not attend her wedding; the only familiar face on her wedding day was her maid of honour/ best friend~ Sara

Years after their marriage, they did not have kids; even Melinda’s sisters~Brenda and June did not have children too, smh though.

Melinda continued financing the marriage even after the 350,000 dollars her mum had given her finished on Gayle and his battery invention. She kept on believing in him and never for once gave up on him, even though her sisters felt she was putting up with him for too long.

Finally, Prescott licensed Robert’s invention, but with the help of Diana whom he cheated on Melinda with; Diana forwarded his battery materials to Mr. Prescott, the owner of Prescott and Howard industries. (So, why did that Mrs. Hilderbran not do that?). However, Melinda already divorced Robert as she accused him of cheating on her with Diana. (Imagine o, husband of about 2 decades that she did not leave, when she single-handedly caught him having sex with another lady during their school days. But when she was told Robert was cheating on her (Melinda did not catch Robert o, she just heard from Brenda and also saw Diana’s wallet, she decided to quit the marriage.)

Moving on, after Robert got a deal with Prescott and Howard company, he decided to be or better still play nice to his former wife. He settled Melinda financially but did not fix her shattered emotions (permit me to say, he did not settle her emotionally), and afterwards moved on with Diana. Talking about affection, Robert said they would be together, live in the big apartment together, have a yacht and name it after her, travel to places, they would be rich; he fulfilled the latter part, truly they both became rich, but he didn’t fulfil others which had to do a lot to do with Melinda’s emotions.All those things they had promised to share together, now ended up becoming Diana’s

Moving on….This doesn’t go down well with Melinda; the unsettled Melinda wouldn’t let Diana reap all she sowed for years into Robert’s life, so she went bizarre till this happened to her…


Like seriously, I have loads of issues with this movie. What kind of miserable life did Tyler Perry create for the Heroine- Melinda in the movie. This movie is what you call convenient scripting.

Imagine, Melinda quickly divorced her husband of about two decades because of Diana’s wallet that was found in his truck; the writer obviously wanted Melinda out of Robert’s picture; out of his life. What kind of a woman will do that, after suffering with a guy, “infact in Melinda’s case, she suffered for the guy”, a family member that naturally doesn’t like your husband then tells you “The man is cheating on you, based on the wallet belonging to another lady found in his truck”,  and quickly, the woman without  investigating whether the man cheated on her or not, especially when the woman’s womb isn’t intact again, just decides to quit the marriage; marriage of about two decades oo, Olorun Maje. That is almost impossible, infact ‘odi’ impossible if you ask me, because she definitely knows it is an open door for her rival- Diana “whose womb is still intact”.

As a matter of fact, Melinda staying with Robert for about two decades means she already got used to him; as in like when you are so attached to someone and at some point you want to leave, but you find yourself staying back.

Come to think of it, from all indications, I wont be wrong if I say Robert wanted to get rid of Melinda. He was so quick to move on with Diana; common, the same lady he swore it was nothing but sex when they were younger, the lady Melinda had accused him of cheating on her with before she divorced him. So why, because Diana helped him push his battery and her womb is still intact; oh she is still looking so fly… Why won’t she be looking so fly now, for 18 years plus, Melinda lived and carried the load of Robert like she was his mother; Robert aged her quickly self.

Tyler Perry just favoured the hero and disfavoured the heroine, even made her bitchy while Diana angelic; like one without a blemish. We don’t know how Diana lived her life for those two decades Robert and Melinda were toiling, she just suddenly became one of the top staff of Prescott Company.

So, I heard some people said he gave her ten million dollars, well that was a good settlement financially, so what about her emotions Uhh? Melinda’s heart was still drawn to Robert’s everlasting promises.  It is like giving someone with no leg dozens of shoes; Melinda was already hurt emotionally, so even opening a bank for her wouldn’t make her resolved. What she basically wanted were the things he promised her which Robert was quick to give to his new wife Diana.


Also, the way the movie ended showed Robert never loved her. Infact, go watch the movie from beginning to the end, no display of true affection from Robert to Melinda, what I saw in him were pure deceit, lies for an innocent girl that truly loved him. He was just sticking around her for something obviously money; he was broke. Infact while narrating the movie, she said the lower her money, the lower his affection. So he was just around her because of  her money. So I am wondering why Tyler Perry felt that there was a need for Robert to quickly move on with his life with the same lady he cheated on Melinda. I am wondering why he did not get punished for deceiving Melinda; the only that was punished in the movie was Melinda for being stupidly and blindly in love while Robert survived despite his deceit. If he truly loved her from the onset, he would have sought ways to get her back after he got his breakthrough, apparently he never did. Melinda divorced him in anger (though it is unrealistic), and even after she unwillingly divorced him, she was hoping to get a call from him, but she did not.


The script just made the heroine like a dumbo and showed that women should not help support a guy’s vision, because the guy may end up moving on quickly with the lady that did not toil with him/that did not know anything about his vision.

Then, the scene that annoyed me most in this movie was when Diana made this utterance “Some people are not supposed to share the level  you are going to, you are supposed to leave them behind” I was like what? If this was like a real life movie, she had be so bitchy. She was now flattering him “Robert you are a good man” What does she know about Robert? She is no longer hurt that he did not tell her he was dating Melinda when he slept with her because she has played her cards well

Like seriously, I am even sure she intentionally dropped that wallet. Then she asked Robert “Did you steal my wallet?” Imagine, all the years Robert lived with Melinda, she never called him a thief even though she knew he once robbed a grocery store. Now Tyler Perry  still felt Melinda did not deserve another chance with Robert, but Diana did..Mtchwwwwww

I wished Tyler Perry  included one or two scenes on how she lived before clinching the job with Prescott…

I still see no reason Robert didn’t end up with Melinda again.  Yes, their love lessened but we know why. Even, we still saw the scene where they both professed their love to each other, especially Melinda, which showed that she truly still loved him. I mean the heroine deserved better. Did you see Melinda’s excitement when  she and Robert talked about the Gayle Force Wind Battery in the video that Diana watched; she so much believed in her husband’s invention…


If the movie was a real life movie, the guy had later realize that he was not commonsensical (Is there anything like that? Well, permit me to use that word please). Tyler Perry even made it difficult for Robert to be commonsensical in his final decision because he already killed the heroine- Melinda  from the beginning of the script before her real death in the last scene. If her womb was intact, I am sure she would have left the marriage. So no babies, she was stuck in the marriage; the more reason Tyler Perry had more things to write about the movie Acrimony.

Just remembered another annoying scene, where Melinda quickly went to  seduce Robert after his battery hit. It made it look like she was after his money, mtchwww. Someone that married the broke ass and was financing the marriage. Diana now came out and said “I am Diana, Robert’s fiance” Phew!

That Diana, so she was keeping her body fresh for Robert? Okay o continue. Meanwhile, Robert still did not realize that it was not just about the money as he was saying he would give Melinda more money. I love the fact that Melinda’s friend, sisters and husbands were always there to cheer Melinda up, even after she insulted them, they still showed her love.

Also remembered the scene Robert said to Melinda “I know our divorce is finalized, but I wanted you to have this”, ehen o’jebi, you for no give am now



Cruel ending! Let me give Tyler Perry this nice ending….

The film should have ended in such a way that after Robert hit it big, he went back to his wife- Melinda, told her about his breakthrough, after which Melinda will kind of form hard to get for a while, Robert will now sweet talk her the way he used to when they were younger till she finally accepts him back, shikena!

Melinda’s blindness

Robert had always being obsessed about his battery which he strongly believed will fetch them money. Anytime, he was with Melinda, whether on a date or at home, he would always change topics and talk about his battery. Imagine when Melinda was talking about kids, he was flippant about it.


The way Robert talked was remorseless, but his eyes were always remorseful, because he knew “Melinda was head over heels in love with him”

Melinda robed herself in (watch the 18 minutes of the video). Perhaps, Robert probably did not have any future plans for them, but Melinda created one. “I will be around to remind you” she was the first person that opened the forever chapter.

And that word every lady loves to hear, I mean when a guy uses “We” as a way of including the lady in his future, which makes ladies blush. “We are going to be so rich” He really crippled that girl with sweet words. So since she already sealed the forever chapter with him, he started using “We” all through

Robert’s attitude after she got him a car, no calls for two days, I mean, that is red flag enough.

When Melinda called him and he was talking to her like a stranger

Robert said he won’t remember the name Gayle force wind (19 minutes of the video) suggested by Melinda, but he remembered after she committed herself to the relationship.

God, and that look he always gave her- like he was innocent-made me hate that Robert guy- was it the look Melinda fell for or what…


Where was Diana all those two decades that Melinda worked her arse and spent her dime to ensure Robert’s dreams were actualized?

Like seriously, a mother gives only one daughter out of three daughters a house and 350,000 dollars, what about the other two daughters. Except, they inherited something from their mum and we were not told about it (but it should have been included in the movie), if not, how were they able to still associate with Melinda without being acrimonious.

I understand that Melinda has ruptured ovaries hence her inability to bear kids, so what about Brenda and June, their childlessness is what I do not understand.

Sarah was just the good friend all through the movie- nothing about her or any suitor. If I am not mistaken, she should be about the same age with Melinda.

What does Diana even know about Robert that she concluded that “he is a good man at the 1hour 18minutes of the video” someone that once cheated on his girlfriend. She was just saying it in order to have him for herself. And her words “May be they are not supposed to share the level you are going to, may be you are supposed to leave them behind” in the 1 hour 18 minutes of the movie just just showed how callous she is. If it had come out from someone else’s mouth, no wahala, but from her, odi egwu. It is just a way to deceive the audience and make it look like some people should not share in your victory even though they are instrumental to your victory; rada rada.

It is obvious that Mrs. Hilderbran never forwarded Robert’s materials, she probably got irritated about the way Robert constantly sent letters and called. Beyond the lottery process, I am sure she was the one that sat on Robert’s success and never forwarded his materials to Mr. Prescott like Diana. So I am wondering why

So Melinda’s family could help Robert secure a job since, and they did not until the house was about to be foreclosed.

Robert was lazy and was practically married to his battery- a miserable life, what a liability, but the lady stood with him and financed him all through because she loved and believed in him. So why should the movie end in that way…

What happened, how and why did Robert lose his scholarship

I don’t understand, did Robert send another letter after his chat with Diana, when the head of security called him at the 41 minutes 52 seconds of the video to warn him about sending more letters.

Robert deceived Melinda and survived on her income only for the writer to make him victorious and Melinda a loser.

Two decades, a terrible way for a woman to live her life. A life of expectation for years and at the end she is cut off from the expectations. Why again? Is it not worth her bitterness



The same person Robert once cheated on her with -Diana is unmarried, while Melinda’s ex boyfriend- Devon was divorced.

So, did Diana drop her wallet intentionally or unintentionally; I can literally tell you that she did that purposely to cause friction between those couple, and at the end Tyler Perry favoured her and felt she deserved Robert more that Melinda.

Out of all the restaurants in town, Devon and Melinda decided to pick the one Robert was working in.

Robert quickly jumping into the hands of Diana…I mean what was Melinda’s gain? Yeah, he settled her financially, but what about emotionally? He so quickly forgot the lady that stayed with him for years and kept on believing in his dreams; I mean it was written all over her face in the movie and we saw how she stayed with him. Robert already knew that Melinda hate it when she is cheated on. So what would have cost him to get Diana explain to Melinda that there was nothing going on between them, afterall, she caused the friction, but no, he did not do that, because he was interested in Diana. Whereas, he told Diana that he loved Melinda; at the 40 minutes of the movie, Robert said “I love my wife, I don’t cheat on her”; iro nla, it is just a way to deceive the viewers so they had think he did not have any plan of dating Diana.  By the way, he said he doesn’t cheat on her, but he has cheated on her in all ways, not able to get up, look for something to do and take care of her and the home; so who that talk help na…

Like seriously, Melinda decided to live with Robert for about two decades, even when he cheated on her when they were in school, only for her to quit the marriage, because her sister, who naturally doesn’t like Robert,  said he was cheating on her and brought Diana’s wallet as a proof. That was just a shallow scene created to kick Melinda out of Robert’s life, I expected something better.  And the reason Diana was in the truck? The timing she created to be in the truck with him, so convenient for the writer.

Made Melinda lose her womb, so she had be helpless and still live with that Robert guy.

It was obvious that Melinda was angry (typical of her) when she kicked Robert out, but  how can someone that had lost everything and wasted about two decades with a guy, decide to let go of that guy? That is an open door for Diana.

How come both Diana and Melinda picked the same boutique and designer- how na

Then that meeting, annoying meeting- you just call without any prior notification. I know it happens at times, but it is rare, why was it not rare in this movie, just to favour Melinda; she was just his check point to success

Robert decided to work after Melinda sent him out, the job he was lethargic about, he was forced to do one, shey he was just sitting on his battery work alone.

How come it was the same restaurant Robert was working, that Melinda and Devon had dinner.




Overall rating for Acrimony

  • SOUND: Perfect for the theme of the movie
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SCREEN PLAY: Good beginning, somewhat middle, acrimonious ending
  • SHOTS: Bright shots
  • REMARK: Regardless of the twist, still, it is one film people certainly need to watch, but be sure to be left moody or worst still acrimonious
  • RATE: ….I leave it to the inestimable readers to rate in the comment box

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