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Interesting advert I must say! Always Sanitary pad manufacturers used an interesting beat as well as lovely and vigorous teens to pass across their message to consumers in the 30 seconds advert. So, I am wondering if you all noticed this after watching the advert; wondering what I noticed, well, that is for you to kindly find out in the review. But first, feel the lyrics to the advert song.


We know we will get straight A’s, straight A’s mean better days.

On those days I worry, my mind is so blurry. Studied every chapter but still can’t find the answer

New always is the answer, no worries anymore. New always ultra absorbs up to three times more

No stain, No check!

I know I will get straight A’s, straight A’s mean better days

Always straight A’s, our future starts today, stay happy always


It starts with some teens, about fifteen of them rejoicing as their class teacher gives them their exam sheets. They rejoice continuously because they are certain that they will get all A’s. They have nothing to worry about, even if they are on their periods. This is because Always sanitary towel is there to make them comfortable all day; there is no fear of getting stained. They do not need to constantly check if they are stained or about to be stained which would have made them disorganized.

However, one of the teens is unable to jump up like other teens and share in their excitement. This is because she uses tissue and she is scared that she already has the big red circle at the back of her uniform. Anytime she uses tissue, she feels uneasy; she is always unable to study properly and focus. However, her peers and teacher notice her discomfort and sense that it has to do with her menstruation. Instantly, they show her the solution to her uneasiness, they introduce Always ultra to her and lo and behold, her uneasiness stops. She is excited when she sees the difference between Always and tissue. She jumps in excitement and join other teens in their dance of exam success


With Always Sanitary Towel, you need not worry about checking yourself frequently because you can be rest assured that there won’t be any stain on your attire. In essence, always lasts longer. Once you wear the Always Sanitary towel, it will absorb the menstrual flow. It provides you with comfort and protection


I love their choreography, so girlie even though at some point it was not uniform. The 15 teens were all looking unified from their school uniform, down to their socks and to their shoes. Infact, it seemed like they all had the same hairstyle; okay not the same hairstyle. The class wasn’t only neat but well arranged. Everything you would find in a classroom was in that class, desk, chair, bags, teacher’s table, posters, educational materials, black board ( whoever still uses black board) and so on. So, I noticed this about the advert, two colours were dominant in the advert; blue and pink. The wall was painted using blue and pink. Also, their school uniforms, bags, card boards, the sample materials and a whole lot of things were colour pink and blue. It brought out the beauty of the advert. And it also represented the colour of Always; well I guess that was why they used that colour. Nice anyway!

But what I still don’t get why they compared Always with tissue in the advert, and it is typical of them in their adverts. They should have just used something that looked like a sanitary pad (it would represent pads from other manufacturers, but with no name or intention to mock other sanitary pad manufacturers). No doubt, we know some ladies due to financial restrain or some other reasons best known to them use tissue during their menstruation, but it seems like the message is channeled to only those using tissue. So, what about those that are yet to use their product? Next time, they should use something that looks like pad to compare. In this way, they can say Always absorbs better than any others…

Moving on, so a solution was provided to the teen’s problem. She was uneasy at the onset, but when Always was introduced to her, she was comfortable. She was able to find an answer to an uneasiness

I love the excitement that oozed out from the teens; they were really passionate about the product.

SOUND: Terrific!

VIDEO PRODUCTION: I love the video concept; if you are not comfortable inside you, it would reflect in your outer-self. However the pictures were not too clear and some of them had long faces.


  • Why Always pad manufacturers always compare their product with tissue…
  • At that 25 seconds of the advert, why did the teen raise her leg in that manner…
  • That blackboard though, I thought we were now in the era of white boards.
  • I don’t understand, did they start and finish the exam, I saw them holding A, which may stand for Always or Distinction. If it is the latter, when I checked the clock, it was still 10:10


REMARK– Lovely advert! I really love the excitement of the teens, they made the advert interesting to watch




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