In the 2016 movie titled “Breakdown”, Alfie Jennings (Craig Fairbrass) was very ruthless, not to his wife Catherine Jennings (Oliver Grant) and 16years old daughter Maya Jennings (Amanda Wass), but to those he was sent to assassinate.

Oneday, he started having visions about his past cruel deeds. These visions haunted him, made him break down and act weird; and suddenly, the merciless Alfie became merciful. Rather than people, he would tell them to run away from the area so his boss Albert Chapman (James Cosmo) doesn’t find out.

Alfie’s change of heart led him to go plead with his boss~ Albert Chapman, to free him from their deadly group, but Alfie was too good to be set free, so his boss refused to let him go and went as far as threatening to hurt his family. Want to know if Alfie became merciless again or if he was able to quit the group, find out here…

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Craig Fairbrass, James Cosmo, Bruce Payne, Mem Ferda, Tamer Hassan , David Bark-Jones, Nick Rodrig Andrisan,
Bethan Wright Cornwall,Brian Nickels, Bruce Payne, Olivia Grant, Rab Affleck, Amanda Wass, Richard Cunningham, Emmett Scanlan.
Written and directed by Jonnie Malachi
Produced by Luke Fairbrass.

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