Wondering how many people in the country know that “MOBIL Oil Nigeria PLC” is now called “Double 1 PLC”; I can guarantee you that the percentage of people that know about it is low. Even those that know about the name change are yet to come to terms with the new name #Double 1 PLC; apparently they are still used to the old name- Mobil.

This is like the fourth time in the One hundred and eleven years of their existence (o ti pe gan o!) they are changing name…

You want to know why the new name is yet to register in the minds of people? First take a walk with me down the history lane of “Mobil oil” now called “Double 1 Oil” name change then I will hint you.

In 1907– Socony Vacuum Oil Company (sold Sunflower kerosine)

In 1951– Became limited liability company and changed from Socony Vacuum to Mobil oil Nigeria limited.

In 1978– Became a publicly quoted company changed from Mobil oil Nigeria limited to Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc.

In 2016/2017~ NIPCO Investment Company acquired 60% share holding of ExxonMobil in a 90 billion naira treaty, and in pursuant of a special resolution passed at her Annual General Meeting in 2017 changed name from Mobil Oil Nigeria Plc to Double 1 PLC (11PLC)

In the first scene, (Where you see the fleet of cars) we see the smooth rides enjoyed by those using Double 1 engine oil.

In the second scene, a car user drives into one of Double 1 oil filling station to purchase their product.

In the third and fourth scenes, car repairers are opting for Double 1 engine oil for their customers.

In the fifth scene, we see the mileage the quality Double 1 engine oil guarantees

In the sixth scene, seventh and eight scenes, we see two men, as well as a family of four happy enjoying their smooth rides because the engine of their car is not giving them issue; it is of the best performance courtesy Double 1 engine oil.

In the ninth scene, A customer picks Double 1 oil from the shelf knowing well of its quality performance.

In the tenth scene, we see the stupendous processes involved in making Double 1 Oil in order to give satisfactory services to consumers

In the eleventh scene, we see the smooth ride enjoyed by vehicle owners that are using Double 1 Oil.

In the twelfth/thirteenth/fourteenth scenes, we see Petrol Attendants showing off the quality Double 1 Oil and the various types of mobil oil.

Take a good look at our world today and you will discover something interesting, more and more drivers are choosing Mobil motor oils. You see, as engine performance becomes more important than ever, vehicle owners are coming to expect more from their engine oils. They are demanding more mileage on the single oil change. They are demanding longer lasting engines and smoother rides. They are demanding the best, and with mobil, that is what they get. We raise the bar for the Mobil Oils, with the Mobil Super 1000, and with the Mobil 1, we raised it even higher, and because it is made using the most advanced engineering processes, mobil motor oils leave your engine super clean, increase its durability and keeps it so well protected. It never stops flying, so successfully depend on continuous movement, you need engine oil engineered for that purpose; Mobil, performance at its best.


Double 1 Oil (Formerly Mobil Oil), increases engine’s performance; help engines live longer; reduces friction so that engines don’t damage (that is, it prevents the different moving parts of the engine from rubbing against one another); it stops dirts from accumulating in the engine as it carries them to the Oil fitter where they are trapped; keep engines running smoothly; this guarantees consumer’s smooth ride.

About Double 1 PLC

Double 1 PLC (Formerly Mobil) is one of the six major petroleum product marketers in the country. They are the sole authorized distributor of Mobil fuel and lubricant brands in Nigeria. It has 250 retail outlets in all the 36 states in Nigeria. With a unique brand image and guaranteed safety you get from their well processed oil, one can tell that they are efficient. They are one of those leading in the country’s oil industry. They keep on posting superior returns to its shareholders. They do not only have high ethical standards but also adhere to safety, health and environmental standards. Double 1 product haulage vehicles continue to set the standard in transportation safety in the industry. They give nothing but the best to vehicle owners and their vehicle; performance at their best. They promote and share best practices in the downstream sector of Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.

When you watch this advert, you would see something like “11” displayed on the screen, it is not pronounced Eleven but Double one according to owners of Double 1 Oil PLC in Nigeria (Formerly Mobil Oil). So I am wondering why the confusion, who would see 11PLC and quickly call it Double 1PLC, the first thing that will come to people’s mind is Eleven; you doubt me, call a child even an adult, and ask them. I guess this is the reason Nigerians are yet to familiarize with the new name 11PLC pronounced as Double 1 PLC. They should first of all let people get used to just “Double 1 PLC”; because the truth is placing that 11PLC beside it is confusing.

The first time I watched the advert for review, I thought it was a design or something. Even in the advert, it was not mentioned, it was only written in a small font, about 8 if you ask me, in the last scene, now how exactly will people quickly see that.

I love the fact that all those that featured in the advert were all putting on a smiling face which emphasized the joy derived from using Double 1 Oil.

Remark: Simple but nice advert though…



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