The movie “Wedding introduction” was basically about a newly married lady Seyifunmi (Toyin Abraham) who started cheating on her husband Yinka (Muka Ray) when he lost his job. She was having a sexual affair with another married man- Durojaiye (Olayinka Quadri) and this led to his untimely death because of the charm ‘Magun” her husband- Yinka (Muka Ray) had supposedly placed on her when he suspected he was cheating on her. Durojaiye before his death gave Seyifunmi a lot of things financially, materially etc. and only his trusted friend- Ayanlade (Rasaq Olayiwola) knew about his relationship with her. Ayanlade also knew that Seyifunmi was behind his friend’s death but did not expose her because of what she gave to him. Seyifunmi unhappy about her benefactor’s death, cursed the person who had put a curse on her, this led to the death of her husband Yinka (Muka Ray). Meanwhile, Durojaiye’s real wife also placed a curse on the person behind her husband’s death; she did not wish the person death, but that the person should be disgraced.

Years down the line, Seyifunmi already moved on with her life and wanted to settle down with a charming boo Ponmile (Ahmed Yususf) (But the guy fine sha and gentle) who happen to be Ayanlade’s first child. Meanwhile, Ayanlade knew her past. Do you think Ayandale will let them marry? Find out here

Interesting Yoruba movie I must say and suspense filled also. Not too lengthy, just about one hour twenty five minutes (1hour 25minutes) and it is quite easy to understand.

Talking about the suspense, so was “the cat that was finally let out of the bag” worth it? Somewhat I must say. Why? Seyifunmi actually did not kill Durojaiye intentionally. They were both having an extra marital affair and this led to his death. It is like a man/woman having sex with his wife/husband and in the process he or she dies of  heart attack or something else, would he/she be charged for murder? She did not bring out a knife to stab him or a gun to shoot him or self used voodoos on him. There was no way she could have known that someone put “magun”on her. There was even no scene that showed that Yinka actually put Magun on her, though he threatened her, but then there should have been a scene for it. And that brings me to the issue of missing scenes. There were some questions that needed answers, but there were no scenes for them; I call them missing scenes

Missing Scenes

Did she really have magun? Who put it on her?

How/Why did Ayanlade suddenly conclude that Seyifunmi has Magun? is he an herbalist? We know he likes to act as an herbalist in most movies, but in this movie, he is just a drummer. (Meanwhile, good to actually see Rasaq Olayiwola aka Ojopagogo take up other roles aside being a native doctor)

Pictures of Rasaq Olayiwola aka Ojopagogo from the Movie- Wedding Introduction

We don’t know anything about Adunni’s marital, business and personal life, all we just see is her wealth. No reference made to the kind of life she lived unlike Ayanlade where in one of the scenes we were able to tell that he has a wife. We also know that he is a drummer.

Does Seyifunmi really have strange powers? What really killed Yinka? Was it Seyifunmi’s curse, then she indeed has powers, but how did she get them?

We don’t know if Seyifunmi was cleaned from the supposed Magun she has, I mean for her to be so keen on marrying Ponmile that means she is certain that she is pure.


Also, the movie was shot in a way that made look like they never experienced afternoon or night just morning. The only night scenes were in the course of Durojaiye’s death (When Durojaiye died and his wife was expecting him home, when Seyifunmi went to tell Ayanlade about his death, and when the hotel management tried to clear their hotel of Duro jaiyes body; all happened in one night). It was also hard to tell the number of days that had gone after a particular scene. it was just like a morning shoot.

However , I love their acting especially Adunni (Jaiye Kuti). I give the best interpreter of  role to her, from where she was dancing at the wedding introduction, to playing the role of a submissive former lover. Even though she was never married to Ayanlade, she still respected him as the father of her son, which of course she played well. Ponmile is also another interesting actor, though gentle but that did not stop him from speaking out when the need arose. Of course, other great role interpreters are Taiwo Hassan, Yinka Quadri, Rasaq Olayiwola and the rest. Toyin Abraham is no doubt a good actress known to add comic acts to her acting or funny facial expression, but however that may probably not work in all films, certainly not this.

So after watching this movie, I am actually wondering if people are arrested when the person they are having sex with dies (In this case, the arrested person has nothing to do with the person’s death). Kindly hint me in the comment box.


  • 21 MINUTES 59 SECONDS, Where seyifunmi went to Ayanlade’s house
  • The flashback scene at 35 minutes 45 seconds were Jaiye kuti said she would carry Ponmile’s twins, triplets….(Lol)
  • Why are you acting like a fowl


  • Do people really forget those that truly matter to them just like that, Adunni must have really loved Ayanlade more than he loved her (3 minutes 52 seconds). Ayanlade said he searched for her,  but he still did not recognize her (Despite the fact the he impregnated her)
  • The scene Adunni told her son Ponmile that his name Ayanlade not Akinlade, so who that one help; he can’t suddenly change it, na for mouth e go be changed, not in paper.
  • His name is Ayanlade but in the cast list it is Ayandare. Why?
  • We don’t know how Seyifunmi knew Ayanlade’s house (22 minutes)
  • Did Adunni and Ayanlade start having an affair again, because I am wondering why Adunni’s younger sister referref to Ayanlade as her sister’s husband “ your husband” (in 26 minutes 53 seconds). Like seriously, they were never married.
  • On three occasions, (40 minutes 51 seconds…) Adunni said, “I have to do something about the issue on ground then carried her bag” but we don’t ever get to see what she did, not even one scene shows us her movement
  • It seems like this Ponmile doesn’t know how to drive, his friend drove him in all scenes, I think that was the reason they created that role for his friend, to help drive him. (28 minutes, 43 minutes…)
  • At the 51 minutes, he was watching ball and not acting- ayandale
  • At the 1hour 2 seconds of the film, they should have suspected Ayanlade…I mean, how can someone just sit and be watching them without asking a question?

Costume wise

  • Fair

Sound wise

  • Terrific! I loved every tune that came out from this movie

Confusing scene(s): Nil.

Overall rating for Wedding Introduction

  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Shaky Middle, Good Ending
  • SOUND: Superb
  • DIALOGUE: Good
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SCREEN PLAY: Shaky
  • SHOTS: Bright shots
  • LOCATION: Nigeria. Terrific places
  • REMARK: Regardless of the discrepancies recorded, it is one film people certainly need to watch. It is suspense filled!
  • RATE: 6/10


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