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Dear slay queen,

It is true love is give and take. But that does not mean you give sex and take money. That is not love. This expectation that a boyfriend must maintain you is immoral. If all you bring to a relationship is sex, you are as replaceable as a used recharge card.

Love should not be commercialised. Gifts are one thing. Maintenance is another. The regular demanding of money to take care of bills because you provide sexual favours is prostitution. ?Sex outside marriage is wrong. Sex for maintenance is even more wrong. Truth is really not bitter.

It is actually people that get bitter about the truth. Do not be bitter about the truth. Instead, let the truth make you better ?#RenosNuggets…


Well, not my words but the words or should I say counsel of Reno Omkri, the former presidential spokesperson to Goodluck Jonathan.

View his post here…



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