Hero Premium Lager uses a narrative method (The word narrate means to tell a story through speech or writing) to pass across its message to consumers in this advert.

It is a linear narrative method because the young chap had a vision of becoming a pilot (His needs identified) but with nothing to actualize it (problem to achieving this). In the short or long run he was able to live his dream through the help of his teachers as well with hero premium lager (problem solved) as it spurred him to go for his dreams


  • To grab the attention of the viewers
  • To create a bond between the consumers and the brand as well as convince them on the reason they need to buy the product being advertised



“I started with nothing, but a vision (It means, he had a clear picture of becoming a pilot in the future though he had nothing; no experience or knowledge on flying a plane)

My father taught me that men who reach for the sky can’t be afraid to fall (It means, his father taught him that anyone that is aiming for a higher position will definitely face challenges, but as long as they don’t quiver, they will overcome them.)

I followed in his footsteps till the day those footsteps ran out. (It means he was following his father’s path, doing the same thing his father did but couldn’t again; apparently his father died)

Then, the world offered me other teachers (It means, he had other instructors )

Each success became the seed of another, even greater success. (It means, a particular accomplishment opened door for a bigger accomplishment.)

And, from this small beginning, a great tree was born (It means, he started small but ended up becoming big).

Look at my rise, learn from my lessons (He is enjoining others to learn from his experience)

You can’t follow in my footsteps without following my path. ( It means, to accomplish that which he is today, you must follow his footsteps)

Go, be the hero” (It means, dare to be the champion)


From the first scene, we can tell that the young chap has a vision of becoming a pilot, though he does not know how he is going to achieve it without the knowledge and experience. The second scene, while at his place of work, he finds a book on how to become a pilot and takes it home. The third scene, he starts reading the book. The fourth scene, when a plane passes by, he wishes he is the one flying it. The fifth scene, the studying on how to become a successful pilot continues. The sixth scene, his wife comforts him after losing his dad. The seventh scene, he lets out all his emotions. The eight scene, one of their customers comes to get his car and in their chat he finds out that he wants to be a pilot. The ninth scene, he shares a bottle of Hero Premium lager with his friends and tells his friends about his vision to fly a plane. The tenth scene, he writes an exam. The eleventh scene, he flies a plane under supervision for the first time. The twelveth scene, he is recognized as a pilot and pilot license handed to him. The thirteenth scene, his teacher teaching him new things about skying. The fourteenth scene, he gets a chieftancy title in his village. The fifteenth scene, he spurs someone to follow the hero path


It starts off with a young chap who looks up whenever he sees a plane in the sky and aspires to fly one someday. One day at his place of work, he finds a book about how to become a pilot. He takes it home and starts studying the rudiments of flying a plane. He researches on what makes a plane fly and stay in the air. He really aspires to become a pilot and achieve his vision and become an hero in the field. It comes with a lot of focus, clear sights, determination and knowledge which one can use to qualify the hero premium lager. It spurs him to become a hero. He is seen sharing hero premium lager with his friends and his teachers which may be the solution to his problem or a step to achieving his dream. Soon he writes an examination and passes. He thereafter flies a plane under supervision. After several training, he is given a pilot license.


Be the hero, stand out with hero, it motivates you, gives you boldness and spurs you into action. In essence, with Hero premium lager, consumers are sure to standout from others and can achieve that which they want to.


He ran out of footsteps? Did the father die, if he died, what about the footsteps (mark or impression left by a foot) he already left, did they clean off?

Is this his wife or mother?


Nice advert! An advert different from the conventional style of advertising in Nigeria

Duration: 1 MINUTE

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