The remains of the “Nine Corpers” who drowned in River Mayo-Selbe in the Gashaka Local Government Area, Taraba river have been taken back to their respective states for interment.

If you recall, on the day they drowned, the late Nine corpers along with 14 other corpers were on a picnic in River Mayo-Selbe when there was an abrupt upsurge in the volume of the water. After their death, National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) management declared a three-day mourning for them.

Meanwhile one of those that escaped death narrated what happened.

View here:

“We went for picnic, 23 of us. We went to a waterfall. That was the first place. After taking pictures, we went to another side where there are beautiful rocks with clean water flowing under them. The water was very low though. After taking pictures there, eating and drinking, we were about leaving when someone just shouted see oooh. When we turned, we saw very dirty water coming with so much force and speed, the kind of speed I have never seen in my life, coming from a distance of about 100 metres. We were almost leaving the place but within seconds, the water got to our position. I don’t know how I jumped out.”

At Ogefash Blog, we pray that the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace in Jesus name; amen.


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