We all know Ajobo is a typical Igbo man so one won’t be surprised at his choice of bride- Uche who is also an Igbo lady and a beautiful one.

“Thanks to all our family and friends that came shared in our joy at our traditional wedding.. God bless you. #meettheajebos18 #igbowedding#ohafiawedding.”

The above were his words after their traditional marriage.

The comedian recently had his white wedding in Lagos. Remember that the couple released some pre-wedding pictures that shook the internet. In one of his IG posts, he was shedding tears of joy after his wedding. In another, he thanked those that took out time to grace their event.

His words, “Big thanks God almighty for his grace and Love, and thanks to everyone that supported Us to make yesterday a success, Our hearts are filled with Joy. God bless you. #meettheajebos18 #BecomingMrErem”


Now we are happy to see that Ajebo has finally gotten married after using his mouth to say during an interview that he wont get married if he doesn’t have 100 million Naira in his account. We are happy he has up to that now. Happy Married life, may God bless this union.





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