These guys are not loyal at all and they would be saying that the girls are not loyal.

Chris sang “These girls ain’t loyal” but I am also singing “These boys ain’t loyal too”

I don’t no whether it is only me o or someone else has noticed, guys of nowadays are now after women that are extremely rich. Like seriously, if you are a lady and you do not have money or a job, trust me, most of these guys will not approach you. I remember a guy that quit me because he felt I was not working in an office….

Back to the guys that are not loyal; so, when they notice money speaking all around you, they chase after you with their Sugar Coated Cliche “Aiye ati ojo” rhymes.

Imagine, they still have the nerve to be saying that ladies are the ones after money especially in the opposite sex. If I may ask o, what are these guys after in the opposite sex, if not money too.

Ladies, please don’t let those guys that are not loyal and that are into you because of your wealth/position be the bra that will hook up behind your back…

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