The day Airtel’s scriptwriter will decide to give Baba Amaka (Dele Odule) a voice, as in to make him voice~out in the coveted ‘In-laws’ series, the internet will shake that day, infact new born baby will exclaim “Ehn”. I mean, being gentle doesn’t mean when he says a word or two, he has stopped being gentle.

So, to the main gist, these mamas ‘never finish their fight o’. Okay o, let us be watching how the conflict between the two mothers- Mama Amaka (Ngozi Nwosu) and Mama Segun (Idowu Philips aka Iya Rainbow) would end.

So, after the naming ceremony of Segun (Lateef Adedimeji) and Amaka’s (Benita Essien) child, the families of both still stick around. This is the third episode of the “In-laws” series and it is titled “Oh Mama”

This episode features only Segun (Lateef Adedimeji), Mama Segun (Idowu Philips), Mama Amaka (Ngozi Nwosu) and Baba Amaka (Dele Odule)

At the beginning of the advert, Segun (Lateef Adedimeji) has a sad look printed all over his face and he tells the viewers the reason for this, ‘your guess is as good as mine’ it is the commotion between the two mothers; his mum and his wife’s mum.

Mama Amaka (Ngozi Nwosu) is all alone in the sitting room watching and enjoying a foreign program on TV, she excuses herself to drop the used mug in the kitchen but on returning, her rival Mama Segun ( Idowu Philips) had taken over the television and changed it to another station; a Nigerian program.

A fight ensues (no be blow o, but in terms of fighting over the station of their choice) and both start changing to stations of their choice, Mama Amaka with hand while Mama Segun with the remote as the remote is in her hand.

This continues until Segun comes out giving them ipad to go watch whatever they want to watch in their various rooms, this automatically makes him have control of the sitting room as he immediately changes it to a station of his choice as well; a football station.

Segun while enjoying the football match is joined by his father in law, Baba Amaka (Dele Odule) in his usual smiling and never talking manner, but rather than watch ball with Segun, he changes the station and this makes Segun also leave the sitting room. He goes to his own zone to continue watching the football.


With Airtel’s internet pack, you can own your zone (if you no get phone nko?) and watch whatever you want to watch anytime, anyday…
(I am wondering, can you watch all programs live online)


So I now get it, the series is basically about the commotion between the two mothers, I had initially thought it was just a one off thing when the first episode came out, hence the reason I felt the beef was not necessary.

So there is a commotion on ground and the reason for the commotion between the women is unknown but certainly would be revealed before the end of the series.

So to the main deal, which is the third episode of the “In-laws”

Funny advert, especially the last scene where Baba Amaka joined Segun in the sitting room, only to change the station without even asking him (that part is weird sha for a normal person o)

We do not know that Baba Amaka’s character except that he is gentle and I don’t think this should affect his speech. Again, most men love football, but he, rather than watch football with his son in law, he changes it to another station; bollywood I guess.

So, I really think Airtel scriptwriter should make us see baba Amaka in action (words biko, we have seen too many of his body movements), but in a gentle way sha.


I can’t see any familiar face on the photo frame, I guess it belongs to the owners of the house, why did they not remove it before shooting the advert.

Ah ah, brother Segun, ewo ni oju na

Wardrobe Malfunction or what Ngozi Nwosu? See her yellow breast showing, and why did camera focus on that aspect

In today’s world, what kind of father in law would just change the program his son in law is enjoying without letting him know. Ahah, they are just making the man look like a dumbo and I don’t really like it.


Nice concept, however, when a person speaks a word or two, it doesn’t mean the person has stopped being gentle.



Ngosi Nwosu (follow on IG @officialngozinwoau) acted as Mama Amaka. She is the slay mama and her data profile is ‘pepper them’

Idowu Philips ((follow on IG @idowuphilips) aka Iya Ranbow acted as Mama Segun. She is a prayer warrior and her data profile is ‘Whatsapp queen’

Benita Essien (follow on IG @ bennyessien)acted as Amaka. She is married to a Yoruba man. She is Segun’s wife. She is Mrs Perfect. She is slayer on the low key and her data profile is ‘Only when necessary’

Lateef Adedimeji (follow on IG @adedimejilateef) acted as Segun. He is married to an Igbo girl. He is Amaka’s husband. He is Mr 2Go Guy, uncle Surulere and the provider of all

Dele Odule (follow on IG@deleodule) acted as Papa Amaka. He is gentle



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