Peter Okoye aka Mr.P recently gifted his beautiful wife- Lola Omotayo Okoye with a tear rubber SUV. It is actually not the first time the legend is gifting his wife with a vehicle, the only difference is that the new car is always bigger than the previous one.

So many people would ask, was Lola Okoye celebrating her birthday? Well capital NO! Peter surprised his wife with that SUV as a way to appreciate her for staying with him through thick and thin, for understanding him, accepting him the way he is and for being the mother of their kids- Cameron and Aliona

Aside the media house that covered the event of the day and zoomed Lola’s reaction/interviewed her, where she says she is a shy lady, in attendance also was Nollywood actor- Kate Henshaw, first time and only winner of Glo X factor- Dj Switch , dancer Flex, Lola’s daddy whom Peter prostrated for, families, friends and so may other well wishers.

So there was so much fun as Dj Switch put on a mask that covered only her mouth (So I am really wondering why she covered her mouth, was she thinking we wont identify her). Hmmm, it seems she is closer to Peter Okoye than Paul Okoye. Also Flex, though nothing was heard from him when the media house was asking all those close to him some questions, and then the pastor-actor- Kate Henshaw. You just need to watch her here


Kate Henshaw was the pastor, comedian, actor, friend and family of the day. Sekerimaboityekezu…Did I just hear Kate Henshaw speak in tongues? Please click and tell me…


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