What exactly is happening to this bank that was formerly called PlatinumHabib Bank Plc but now Keystone bank.

I remember those days when people troop in and out of the bank, but these days, the banking hall is always empty.  The staff are always Idle as there are customers going in and out of the bank.  Mhen, I am wondering what it feels like for bankers o, to stay a day without a customer visiting their bank. The basic transaction is only done among themselves, if you know what I mean. As in just the cleaners, gate man, errand staff and the desk office staff in the bank.

The desk office staff would send the errand staff to buy food for them, while the cleaners again clean toilets that were not even used by customers but only the staff, while the gate man sits as he has overtime gotten used to being idle. So, even if one customer visits the bank, the gate man would not notice.

I visited one of their branches in Ikeja; I won’t mention the branch because I am even feeling so sad or ashamed for them; eye suppose they push them mhen.

They don stone this bank chai- they need to meet people with ideas (Kindly call for our services), and strategize ways to key the bank into greatness again, else it would just collapse like some building blocks arranged by a toddler.


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