HEY there, am I the only one that has noticed this? or am I concluding too fast? Have you all noticed that GTBank employs only Yorubas.

Don’t get it twisted, I love the bank because it is one of the leading banks in Nigeria. They set the pace and others follow and that is why I bank with them.

But over the years, I noticed that all their employees and the employers are only Yorubas, there is no other ethnic group employed in that bank, if you luckily find any other tribe, may be 1%

Are you wondering how I knew? The truth is that anytime I visit any GTB branch, I take time to assess the staff in terms of communication, behavior, dressing, effectiveness and at the end I am always curious to know their names which is on the ID Card pinned to their cloth, so I see their names and believe me when I say, they are all Yorubas.

So I am wondering is it that other tribes are not intelligent or are not successful at interviews or being a Yoruba is one of the vital criteria one must have to work in the bank?

I have come to the conclusion that the founders who are Yorubas as well- Tajudeen Afolabi Adeola, Tayo Aderinokun and CEO- Segun Agbaje employ only Yorubas because they are Yorubas aand only love to work with people from that tribe.

If you doubt me, visit any GTBank, check their ID cards and all you would see are Yoruba names.

@gtbank@TajudeenAfolabiAdeola@TayoAderinokun@Segun Agbaje@GTbankemployers@gtbankemployees



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