These are the 40 contestants of the #Maltaguinness Maltavator Tv Game Show…



The hosts are Bovi from Nigeria and Bella from Ghana



Over the last few weeks, we saw contestants from four different countries- Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire compete with one another in the competition to win the grand prize of 20, 000 dollars.

Twenty four contestants out of forty made it to the round two. The following contestants made it to the round two of the show.


Now, it is the third round and the semi final. Only 16 contestants made it to the next level. The show is gradually coming to an end. Only a female contestant made it to the semi final. She is Rosalie from Cote D’Ivoire. Rosalie is the last girl standing  in the first edition of this show. These are the contestants that made it to the semi-final

Evans, Chidera, Stanley, James James (Representing Nigeria), Keariam, Alazar, Dagnachew, Dariwos (Representing Ethiopia), Marshall, Prince, Daniel, Oliver (Representing Ghana), Thierry, Fabrice, Rosalie, Joel (Representing Cote D’Ivoire)

The following were the games in the third round.

First was the Malta MAZE were the contestants moved round the MAZE and then proceeded to open any of the three doors in the game, if the door doesn’t open, then it is the wrong door. The contestants would then go over the MAZE again and then push another door till he or  she opens the right door.


Next was the MALTA JOUST. In the Malta Joust, nation battled against nation. Contestants are familiar with this game as it was part of the games they participated in the first round of the show.



Out of the 16 contestants that made it to the semi final, eight of them competed this week- Prince, Daniel (Ghana), Evans, Stanley (Nigeria), Fabrice, Thierry (Cote D’Ivoire), Dariwos, Alazar (Ethiopia)

Also, all the contestants, those evicted and those still competing for the 20000 dollars displayed their traditional wears and they looked terrific.


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