These are the 40 contestants of the #Maltaguinness Maltavator Tv Game Show…







The hosts are Bovi from Nigeria and Bella from Ghana



Over the last few weeks, we saw contestants from four different countries- Nigeria, Ghana, Ethiopia and Cote d’Ivoire compete with one another in the competition to win the grand prize of 20, 000 dollars.

Twenty four contestants out of forty made it to the round two. The following contestants  made it to the round two of the show.


In the second round, there were also three games. First was the Malta wall were the contestants climbed a certain place till they got to where the stop sign was. Once they touched the sign, their clock stopped ticking.



Next was the Malta Slide were contestants had to slide and their time stopped ticking when they got off






Lastly was the Malta rope game (Malta moves) were contestants jumped from one rope to another; there were about 14 ropes. Only Thierry from Coted’Ivoire was able to jump over all the ropes making him the second person, after Evans, out of the 24 contestants to complete the rope task.









Out of the selected 24 contestants, 16 already contested in the previous episodes remaining 8. These are the final 8 contestants that competed this week. Oluchi, Chizi (Representing Nigeria), Adia, Therry (Representing Cote D’Ivoire), Rajen, Keariam (Representing Ethiopia) and Daniel, Oliver (Representing Ghana)





This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.









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