This Pepsi advert is titled “Naija all the way; love it, live it”. It was shot to support the Naija team in the ongoing 2018 Fifa World Cup in taking place in Russia. It featured a lot of celebrities; star footballers like Jay Jay Okocha, Alex Iwobi, Victor Moses; star musicains like Tekno, Tiwa Savage, Davido and Wizkid and popular Dj’s like Exclusive, Spinall, Obi and Cuppy.


Alex Iwobi while passing through an hallway, sights DJ spinall and they exchange greetings, the duo thump their chests afterwards.

Next scene, DJ spinall is seen displaying his skills on the dance floor.

Next scene, Tiwa Savage and Dj Obi head to where work is being done on the billboard which has all the faces of pepsi ambassadors(I am wondering why she didnt exclaim after sighting her face on the billboard, because it really doesn’t look like her.

They beckon Davido and two others to join them. Davido thumps his chest afterwards

Fans while playing football also thump their chests to show how much they support/ believe in the naija team in the Fifa world cup.

While admiring his look in front of the mirror, Victor James thumps his chest as well.

Jay Jay Okocha while watching a show where Davido and Wizkid are performing on stage, stands up to grab a bottle of Pepsi from the fridge but Dj Cuppy on getting there before him quickly grabs the two bottles of Pepsi remaining in the fridge and gives one to Wizkid who thumps his chest afterwards. Puzzled Jay Jay is given another pepsi drink by Alex Iwobi and he thumps his chest afterwards.

Dj Exclusive is seen on stage showing off his skills.

Next, Tiwa and Tekno are seen performing on stage where they thump their chests. This is followed by the previously featured celebrities in the advert all thumping their chests, next to fans representing the three major tribes in Nigeria;Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa (one can tell from their attire), all thumping their chests and the bustling crowd lastly.

Lastly Victor James is seen thumping his chest as he says “Naija all the way”


In a bid to support and encourage the super eagles in the ongoing Fifa world cup, the Pepsi company released this theme song (visuals). It is also an avenue for the brand to reinforce its image to millions of consumers and non consumers. Hence, featuring notable figures is the sure way to go as it would capture the attention of consumers and non consumers thereby resulting to an increase in the demand of their product which automatically means more money in the bank.

“Naija all the way” is the title of the advert which means one’s unrelenting effort to keep supporting or standing by the country in the game irrespective of how difficult it may seem.

“Naija spirit” reitirated in the song means Nigerians are strong, achievers, can’t be intimidated, don’t believe in impossibility but possibility and tcan’t be vanquished.

The “naija spirit” doesn’t give up easily no matter how difficult or challenging something, strives for the best all time; have the mindset of victors

Thumping of chest by various artistes and footballers is not only a form of greeting but a sign of capability, courage or “a can do spirit” embedded in one that has the Naija spirit. Hence, they believe the super eagles can go far in this competition. If you recall, in the movie “Black Panther” there was also a particular sign used by the Wakandans.

This advert could have been awesome if the visuals were clear enough. Their heads were really looking long and big especially that of Davido and Victor James, no wonder Davido had that weird look when he saw his face on that billboard. Infact who ever did that billboard didnt get their proper faces; Tiwa was not looking like herself, Davido was looking like baba olori nla rather than the omo baba olowo, infact the billboard didnt do justice to their looks. I thought people are always finer when they appear on bill boards till I saw this advert; aside the fact that they were not lookingvappealing, they looked like agbaalagba as in older than their ages.


So plain! Also, the beat sounds like that of “Thank God” by Omawunmi. Also, it has some part of “Rock You” beat which was used for Pepsi advert some years back.


Why this pepsi has two different colours in this advert, one is dark and the other is not too dark.

If Tiwa is on that bill board, it doesn’t look like her one bit

An advert aimed at supporting the super eagles in the ongoing Fifa world cup, but we don’t get to see any of the star footballers featured in the advert show off their football skills.

How come Davido’s head is looking different…

I feel someone is missing in this advert. It is @SeyiShay of course.

DJ Cuppy was somehow looking like SeyiShay in the advert. Is that a way of making fans not to be too suspicious of SeyiShay’s absence in the video.


It is a nice advert, just that the billboard does not have a proper finishing. Also, the star footballers should have showed off their skills not just thump their chest or drink pepsi; I mean, for them to be featured in the advert, we know they are pepsi ambassadors.




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