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A girl- Folake (Jumoke Odetola) was extremely hot tempered just like her mum (Allwell Ademola ) and could be brutal when she is angry, but her boyfriend Taiwo (Lateef Adedimeji) still decided to stick with her hoping that she would change someday.

Taiwo vowed to Folake that he would never leave her like other men who left her because she was hotheaded. He went  further to assure her that they would both work on irascible nature. Along the line Taiwo discovered that he could no longer tolerate her attitude and decided to quit the relationship. So, he visited her house for the last time. On getting to her house, he told her it was over.  Folake suddenly grew angry and used the heels of her shoe to hit his head. Taiwo started bleeding profusely and was helpless. She immediately called her mum for help and she Folake’s mum did far worse than her daughter did to Taiwo. What could that be? View here…

The film was written by Kenny George. It is an adaptation of the book “Injustice” written by Kenny George.


Kenny George, Lateef Adedimeji, Jumoke Odetola, Wale Fakorede, Joke Muyiwa, Taiwo Ibikunle, Allwel Ademola.

Producer~ Kenny George; Director~ Seun Olaiya

YEAR: 2016

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