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The beautiful actress and the mother of one @TontoDikeh is one who will do whatever it takes to fight for fellow womoen. She is the cover star of @WowMagazine’s latest edition. In the interview Tonto Dikeh Talks about her life after divorcing her husband @OladunniChurchill, career, surgery and a host of others.

Speaking on the surgery she just did, Tonto says she feels a whole lot different and more confident in her body. She however didn’t say more than that as she enjoined all to watch her reality show to get the full gist on it.

On her career moves, Tonto intends to start producing and directing movies as she says she has a lot of scripts and ideas to share to the world.

On how she feels after divorcing Oladunni Churchill,  Tonto says with God, all her side challenges are short lived.

When asked if she was co-parenting, the actress said no.

So, at this juncture, I am wondering, if she is not co-parenting, what then is she doing? I totally disagree with the actress; it is a big lie. She seems to have quickly forgotten that in 2017 on Father’s day, in order to attend her son, King Andre Churchill’s father’s day celebration at school,  she was dressed up like a man and played the role of her former husband .

Read the interview here







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