In this new Nigerian Yoruba movie titled “Oja Awon Oku” which means “market from the dead people”, actresses decided to expose their breasts free of charge to the camera. I said free of charge because I am sure the owner of the movie “Murphy Afolabi” would have only paid them few thousands for them to expose their breasts, or he probably gave them the role in exchange for them to expose their breasts or these upcoming actresses wanted quick fame which they have not succeeded in getting after displaying their breasts.

While some of the naked actresses decided to hide their faces, these particular two decided not to….shame on you; Horbi!Ntoi; u never popular still.vlcsnap-2018-06-07-19h09m18s121

The film still has just 115 views, I know with this post, the views would increase for sure….So, thank me later Murphy and probably those girls that can’t find their Bra size in the market again and decided to go naked which grabbed my attention.

Ogefash blog would be reviewing this movie next week.


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