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So, at the beginning of the advert, a mother of two (a boy and a girl) pulls the curtain aside, and then a ray of light flashes  into the room. She is excited that it is already morning and can’t wait to start her day. (Especially when breakfast means Kellogg’s Time)



Next, she moves away from the window side and heads to where her son’s bed is in order to wake him up, but the boy is already awake. He is all so excited about the morning, because he knows that “Breakfast time is Kellogg’s time’. So, he looks forward to taking his Kellogg’s cereal. Or, perhaps he had a dream where he was taking Kellogg’s cereal. He greets his mum with a a broad smile and then hugs her afterwards.




The next scene, the family (comprising the Father, mother and two children- boy and girl) is already up and set for the day. They sit on the dining table to take their breakfast; it’s Kellogg’s corn flakes and coco pops.







While in school, during playtime, the young boy brings out his Kellogg’s coco pops and shows his friends. He tells them that’s what he takes for breakfast and it gives him energy. They munch his coco pops with him. As he plays ball with his friends, he plays better than them. Also, his kid sister shares her Kellogg’s coco pops with her classmates. In the class, she performs more brilliantly than others. Her teacher and classmates are all stunned by her outstanding performance.

Dance Dance Dance!








Take Kellogg’s cereal as your breakfast for a great start as it is tasty, nutritious, gives you energy and makes school work easy. They have different variants you can choose from. You can take it in the morning or while playing. It can also be taken as snack from the picture above…


I love this advert, even though I  was really on the look out for errors in this advert, but there was about none. I The sitting room was neat and well arranged likewise the kid’s room. If you look at the little boy’s room in the advert, you would see that the contents in the room are what you would see in children’s room. I even saw his school bag. However, they  should have removed the photograph on the wall in the sitting room, it was obvious that it wasn’t their family photograph, but the  owner’s location, though it was blur.

But really, I love this family, they are all so cheerful. I mean from the beginning of the advert to the end, they were all filled with broad smiles, except the man of the house though. This broad smile makes them look like…. Okay it shows how much they love this Kellogg’s which is great. Brand/Product managers should learn from this when recruiting people to feature in their adverts, they should always look for people that are enthusiastic about their product as their enthusiasm can’t go unnoticed in the advert and would end up bringing more customers for them.



There should have been a slight difference between the starting scene and the ending scene, after-all, the  clips started from the bedroom, to the dining table to their daily activities (School and office), so it should be evening not morning again

They should have just removed those photographs on the wall it was obviously not their picture. They tried to make it dim, but it was not dim enough

I don’t understand “Breakfast time is Kellogg’s time”, so are they telling consumers to take it only for breakfast

That their father’s tie is looking like the fabric used for his children’s uniform #Winks, never mind, just joking.

Really, A black board! A white board should have been used instead.

There is a slogan that says “It’s good to share” but another says “Be contented with what you have” Really, when I see a child eating from another child’s snack, I can’t help but think about what is going on in mind of the child that is viewing the advert, who may see it norm to always eat his or her friends snack. But I would like to hear from you inestimable readers what you think about that…

DURATION 1 Minute 2 Seconds


This advert is very interesting and  attention grabbing. It also has a great tune. All those that were featured in the advert were so cheerful. The cereal was displayed  in an inviting way that is capable of making  new customers choose their product over others.





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