10 Million Naira Up for grabs for 10 weeks in CREAM Talent hunt.

If you’re a creative looking for N1 million to support your business or get a huge platform to advance your talent; simply dial *901*463# to subscribe to the CREAM platform and you could make your dreams come true. Visit www.cream.ng for more information. #AccessCream.


‘CREAM’ is a platform to help find creative talents from anywhere in Africa, and give them a fair chance of making their creative dreams come true, from the comfort of their homes’
 @iambangalee (Koko Master) and @iceprincezamani are among the mentors.
-By dialing *901*463# you can secure either the recording of a standard song, shooting of a standard video, collaboration with artistes of your choice, talent showcase, promotions, grants, scholarships, sports trials, etc..
-After dialing *901*463#; input which WINNING CATEGORY and SUB CATEGORY you will like to enter.
-After Sign up, you will receive a WELCOME SMS on your mobile. This sms would include a URL (web link), where you can upload your content for review.
You can get mentored by the most experienced hands in each industry.
Signing up also automatically qualifies you for the N1,000,000 weekly raffle draw! You can play and upload as many times as you want.
#AccessCream #TakeTomorrow

Regrann from @iambangalee – Save this Dates as you dial *901*463# with your @myaccessbank and subscribe to the @creamplatform and choose the Category you desire a Service Rendered 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾. You could WIN brand new Video , feature in a Movie , Showcase your talents on STAGE, on the Field for sports , Sponsorship or Scholarship for deserving Students and Training for entrepreneurs or just Be A Millionaire from this draw dates as added incentive 🔥🔥🔥💰💰💰💰💰



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