What seemed like an endless battle between #Daniel Ademinokan and his estranged wife #Doris Simeon for years, seem to have finally come to an end as the duo have decided to put their past behind and get back together. They were recently seen together spending nice time with their cute son- David Ademinokan whom has been in the custody of Daniel and Stella Ademinokan for years at the detriment of Doris Simeon who was not allowed to neither see her son nor communicate with him. (I am even wondering how he took that child from Doris, she must have been sleeping when he did that…)

Remember, that beautiful actress #StellaDamascus has constantly been blamed for the split of the couple. Well one thing is certain, Daniel has moved on with his life and he is doing well, what about Doris? Not much has been heard about her relationship life. Or is she still waiting for Daniel? Well, we shall find out soon…

But truth be told, Daniel has actually spent more time with Stella Damascus than he did with Doris Simeon and they have shared romantic messages with each other on their social media pages.

This was what Daniel sent to Stella on their wedding anniversary

“Happy Wedding Anniversary to my favourite couple in the world – US.@stelladamasus I’ve told you I’m not doing an epistle today. I just want to say that I love you and having you by my side as my wife is a great honor and blessing. Thank you for jumping through hoops with me, loving me, weathering the storm and being a part of every success story. When I think of the things we have achieved together as a team, I can’t help but marvel at your awesomeness. You are God’s answer to my prayers. Babe, I love you and I promise I won’t file for divorce till we are 122 years old. Yeah. I’ve extended it by 2 years. Till then, continue to enjoy every inch of me. Hahaha!! Love you always boo.#HappyWeddingAnniversary #StellaDamasus#DanielAdeminokan

If you ask me it seems like Stella Damascus head is raking in more money for the director than Doris Simeon’s head; Ohoh- did I say that?



On his Instagram page where he shared photos of his ex wife and son at a restaurant, he said “Spent the entire weekend buried in a studio editing but I had to come up for air for THIS. Don’t believe everything you read on blogs. They’ve gotta stay sensational to make a dollar. . It’s all good in the Hood.”

Imagine, because he has reconciled with the wife now, he is saying “Don’t believe everything you read on blogs. They’ve gotta stay sensational to make a dollar”

Yimu yimu, just tell the public that you have both settled your differences….





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