The 1 hour 43 minutes movie titled “INSTAGRAM WIFE” was about a young Yoruba man- Yinka (FRANKINENSE EHELON)  who was an habitual flirt even after his marriage to a beautiful and young Igbo lady Adaora (MOYO LAWAL). Adaora unable to condone any more of her husband’s sexual immorality felt it best to pull out of the marriage. Yinka and Adaora went their separate ways. While Adaora searched for love elsewhere, Yinka continued flirting.

Yinka’s mother (RACHAEL ONIGA) didn’t help matters as she further fuelled their dispute. She hated Adaora because she was an Igbo lady and because she believes Adaora’s  tribe loves money, she felt Adaora was after her son’s money, even though Adaora was independent of Yinka’s money.

After so much going back and forth;  the couple finally put behind their grievances.

Well quite an interesting movie. However, it would have been more interesting if some scenes were yanked off or properly edited, especially the last scenes.

The movie also has an awful ending whereby Adaora was the only one asking Yinka for forgiveness, while Yinka just stood like an Iroko tree, feeling fly or like he truly ought to be apologised to; total rubbish. They both owed each other an apology. I mean both Yinka and Adaora were wrong, Yinka started flirting first, Adaora didn’t flirt, she just wanted to remarry but fell into the wrong hands. She even ended up saving her husband from falling into the hands of a scammer like Ambrose and still he couldn’t open his mouth to thank her, rubbish again.

I also noticed that the film doesn’t make use of too many casts. I am trying to understand Yinka’s character and figure out if he interpreted his role well. He was violent and so uncaring, that kind of person doesn’t deserve someone like Adaora. It is evident in the way he kicked and threw things at his girlfriend- Theodora and even when he removed his ring; monster love (1 hour 3 minutes). His manner of communication is so bad.  The way he spoke to his mum, sister and wife was just too awful. Also, this film was shot in a way that looked like everything happened in a day. It was hard to tell the number of days, weeks, months or years that had passed after a particular scene.

What exactly made this film deserve the title “Instagram wife”; rubbish title.


Thumbs Up

  • I like that counsellor’s acting- Lila, she really acted well, she is so principled and has a good diction. She could really pass for a real counsellor outside the movie world.


  • The scene where Yinka tried speaking Yoruba “Do you want me to kill you?” “Se o fe ki’m pa e ni?)
  • (From Adaora to Yinka- after he was caught in the act) I think your sickness is getting serious- so sarcastic





Costume wise

  • Fair!

Sound wise

  • Okay!



  • Haha, that list of items to buy when marrying from Igbo tribe is ridiculous. Can someone help me tell Rachael Oniga or the person behind the screen play- Mr. Emmanuel that the list is so unrealistic.
  • Is that how they pronounce Ibadabn Ronke? And you are a Yoruba girl o. Please can someone help me tell Ronke that that is not the way they pronounce Ibadan.
  • Yinka’s mum always visited her son with a travelling bag but always left his house with no travelling bag.
  • Why was Yinka so cruek, is that his real character or scripted character? If it is the latter, it is bad scripting. He doesn’t even always see his mum off.
  • YInka, Ronke, who is older? The way Ronke talks to Yinka is so bad even though that one is cruel.
  • Who untied Ambrose?
  • What do they mean by instagram wife? The plot, theme of the movie has nothing to do with the title.
  • The way the film was shot, it was difficult to tell if it was days, months or years after a particular scene. More also the way Yinka’s mum came visiting was just like she was popping out from the next door or from Yinka’s bedroom.
  • In most of the scenes, the casts were sweating, especially in the first scene, don’t they have AC or fan in that location? That is a way of suffering the casts.
  • Yinka is not remorseful at all, he was quick to call Theodara after Adaora left him, he even wanted to marry her if not because of what she said that led to their quarrel.
  • It is crazy, a guy justifying his flirtous act by telling the wife that she knew that part of him before agreeing to marry him.
  • Are some mothers in laws that cruel, someone left her honeymoon to come take care of you and when she returned home, her home breaks and you still treat her with much hatred.
  • Yinka’s mother says few months of marriage and the couple says barely a month, who is correct?
  • They should have edited this Yinka’s mother’s part “Who told you that you are not to be blamed” 25:00
  • There should have been a flashback scene on when Adaora went to take care of her mother in law.
  • Yinka asked Theodora if she prayed his mum away? No reply. He also asked if she went somewhere in order to have him to herself? Still no reply, so how are the audience to know what she really did and did not do. Basically, praying someone away doesn’t mean it would be answered.
  • If he truly loved Adaora, why then was he in a hurry to quickly marry Theodora.
  • I don understand Ronke’s words to Yinka “Why did you abandon me- 1:03” “Why did you lie to mum about the Abuja trip”
  • Yinka was actually not interested in getting his wife back if not that Ronke told him what she saw, that means he doesn’t truly love Adaora.
  • I don’ agree o Lila’s word in 1 hour :14 minutes of the film.
  • Adaora was just screaming “1 hour:27 minutes of the film. I didn’t hear a word of hers
  • I don’ understand the last scenes from 1 hour:33 minutes

Confusing scene(s): A lot; the scenes were arranged badly or better still, improper use of flashback

Overall rating for INSTAGRAM WIFE

  • STRUCTURE: Good Beginning, Somewhat Middle, Somewhat Ending
  • SOUND: Okay!
  • DIALOGUE: Fair
  • CHARACTERS: Familiar faces and new faces
  • SHOTS: Bright shots
  • REMARK: Regardless of the discrepancies recorded, and the fact that you can’t relate the title of the movie to the plot and theme of the movie; it is one film you would enjoy watching.
  • RATE: 5/10


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