Few hours ago, a friend of mine said to me “This actress is dead” without showing me her picture. So my reply was “Which actress again?” because I am still yet to fully recover from the news on Moji Olaiya’s death. When she eventually showed me her picture, I stood up in extreme shock. I initially didn’t believe her. As a matter of fact, I told her that it is probably a new movie she featured in and blogs are using tricky headlines to get traffic to their site, but I was proved wrong.


#AISHA ABIMBOLA IS DEAD! Can’t believe I just typed that, can’t believe that she would now be spoken about in past tense; can’t believe so many things. She was just 46 and this #breast cancer decided to snatch her from us while in Canada. Aisha was phenomenal. She was not the type of actress that you see in all movies that is because, she only featured in sensible movies. I remember that movie she acted as #Odunlade Adekola’s elder sister (I can’t remember the title again), they were royal kids. Odunlade misbehaved and went as far as raping a lady, but Aisha ABimbola fought for the girl rather than her brother…

OMG! She is actually no more

And some people are saying bloggers are making money off her death (Se oro ni ye?). For  Christ sake, she was a celebrity, if we don’t report her death, then who will?

#AISHAABIMBOLA sun re o! Olorun a fi orun ke!


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