That moment when you feel that your ceiling fan has shifted a bit from its initial position, but you are not spurred to take quick action because the fan is still up

Well in the 2015 movie titled “The Inhabitants” it was not the fan that shifted position but Dan’s (Michael Reed) wife Jessica (Elise Couture). Dan knew his newly wedded wife had changed and was acting weird but he couldn’t decipher the cause.
The young couple had with so much excitement purchased a bed and breakfast inn. Little did they know that they were not the only inhabitants of the house. So who are these inhabitants? Find out here…

CASTS: Elise Couture, Michael Reed, Judith Chaffee, Rebecca Whitehurst, India Pearl.
SCREENPLAY/DIRECTED BY:Michael Rasmussen AND Shawn Rasmussen
PRODUCERS: Shawn Rasmussen, Michael Rasmussen, Glenn Cooper, Bridget Keefe
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Glenn Cooper, Tessa Cooper


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