The 2014 movie Rage was about three close pals- Paul Maguire, Kane and Danny Doherty (Nicolas Cage, Max Ryan, McGrady) who were mobsters in the past. When Paul and his friends hit a lot of money, Paul told his boss Frances “Frank” O’Connell (Peter Stormare) that he wanted to go legit and Frank permitted him.

Before the trio repented of their criminal acts, they intercepted a Russian hoodlum who wanted to go give his boss and brother- Chernov (Pasha D. Lychnikoff) a briefcase containing a huge amount of money. They stole the money from him and killed him afterwards.

Years after, Paul was already running a business of his own and married to a beautiful lady- Vanessa (Rachel Nichols) who has no kids for him, though Paul has a teenage daughter- Caitlin

Just when Paul was starting to enjoy his family and his new way of life, something tragic befell him. While at a charity dinner with his wife, he got a call from Detective Peter St. John (Danny Glover)who told him his daughter had been kidnapped. The police searched for Caitlin but when they eventually found her, she was already dead.

Paul felt his past came back to haunt him. This made Paul go back to his gangster life. He searched all nook and cranny just to catch and deal with the person behind his daughter’s death. Paul and his two pals suspected mob boss- Chernov of killing Caitlin since it was his money they stole some years back.

Paul went bizarre trying to capture his daughter’s killers. In the process of searching for the killers, he got furious with friends and families. It dented his marriage and he even went as far as killing his pal- Danny. Meanwhile, Chernov already killed Kane because Paul and his friends killed a lot of his men and were responsible for his brother’s death. Paul realized Chernov wasn’t his daughter’s killer. When Paul finally found out who killed his daughter, he was dazed as the person was the least person he expected. Paul had already lost all in his rage. He had killed a lot of Chernov’s men, friend and pushed his wife away. As he looked through his window, he saw some gangsters with gun approaching his house. What do you think happened to Paul afterwards? Who do you think killed his daughter? Find out here


Nicolas Cage as Paul Maguire; Rachel Nichols as Vanessa; Peter Stormare as Frances “Frank” O’Connell; Danny Glover as Detective Peter St. John; Max Ryan as Kane; Michael McGrady as Danny Doherty; Judd Lormand as Mr. White; Max Fowler as Mike; Pasha D. Lychnikoff as Chernov; Ron Goleman as Detective Hanson; Aubrey Peeples as Caitlin Maguire; Elena Sanchez as Lisa; Weston Cage as young Paul Maguire; Jon Dannelley as young Kane; Dawn Hamil as Amber; Jack Falahee as Evan; Kelly Tippens as Eleanor; Kevin Lavell Young as Oliver; Patrice Cols as Anton; Steven Vickers Jr. as Jack; Sarah Ann Schultz as Miss Russell; Paul Sampson as Sasha; Sam Velasquez as Tony Blanco; Elisa García as Águeda Blanco
Movie directed by Paco Cabezas
Produced by Michael Mendelsohn; Richard Rionda Del Castro
Written by Jim Agnew; Sean Keller

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