At the beginning of the advert, Emmanuella is in a vehicle with three adults. The adults sit at the back while she sits at the front. They all wait endlessly for the traffic to die down but as it seems endless they all get tired and sleepy except young Emmanuella who looks energized courtesy her Fresh Yo drink.

She looks at the back and notices how tired the adults are. She however remembers that she has bottles of Fresh Yo drink in her bag. She offers them a bottle of Fresh Yo drink and they all collect it with excitement which renews their strength back and keeps them going. So how fresh is the Yo you may ask again? Extremely fresh!

Feeling like a Mother Christmas, Emmanuella decides to give more Fresh Yo drinks from the ones she still has left in her bag. She then asks others stuck in the traffic if they need more (More or one, I mean, she did not supply them before. Also she must have put a loudspeaker in that her mouth for those people to have heard her; interesting!) but she is stunned when she finds out that they all need a bottle of Fresh Yo drink.

Well lucky Emmanuella, though she was unable to supply them as she did not have enough Fresh Yo drinks with her, but there was however a Fresh Yo bus with a whole lot of fresh Yo drinks to supply to all those stuck in the endless traffic


Interesting advert, though one may wonder how those people far away heard what Emmanuella said when she asked if people wanted more Fresh Yo drinks. By the way, why the word “More”? Did she supply them before; well didn’t notice.

Also, the way an advert is shot and the message in it matters a lot. If you shoot an advert in a way that suggests free giving, people would always want that product for free. If you also shoot it in a promo way, people would put their mind in the promos and so on.

This Fresh Yo advert should have ended with a voice over like “Feeling tired in the unending traffic? Not to worry,grab/buy a bottle of Fresh Yo!” Shikena. Not some kind of father Christmas giveaway in traffic, making it seem like people should expect free Fresh Yo drinks when stuck in traffic. That of Emmanuella giving people in the same vehicle with her is understandable, but others should not only long for it, but should buy it as well.
I love the video concept, even though it was obvious that it was shot where parked cars were rather than the ever busy Nigerian road even though two vehicles managed to come out of the traffic; I didn’t even see the traffic light.

• Can’t seem to find the driver of the car; doesn’t he want the Fresh Yo drink or did Emmanuella drive the car?
• That their instrumental is like the one I always hear whenever I watch Mark Angel’s comedy~ maka why na. Couldn’t they compose their own beat; I mean, something better.

• Who needs more-were they given one before

Great concept though, but it could have been better.

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  1. One: this is stupid. No one asked for your opinion. Two: this girl is making more money than you are, and she’s eight, so who are you to be a critic! Honestly, you get on my nerves. Team Emmanuella. P.S you s–k.
    Hate you,

    • Eeyah Omashe Team Emmanuella! You Denice again. Well I suggest you get a thinking cap. Please, don’t wear it on your head o, because breeze will blow it off and at the end you will be back to zero. Someone like you, they need to open your head and put the thinking cap inside so it will work well for you. After reading a simple review countless times that a primary school child will read just once and understand, you still can’t understand that the review is not basically about the characters but the product, the message in the advert and the advert concept, you need to re-check your certificate.
      By the way, Advert Friday on Ogefash Blog, on the comedy zone, we put more of Mark Angel’s funny skits. So?
      There would always be readers like you anyway, but still, we love you always@Ogefash Blog.


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