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Ribena is back with the Bridges To Goodness School Project that awards kids who stand out in demonstrating goodness values. So don’t let your children’s good behavior go unnoticed, ensure their schools register for the Ribena Bridges To Goodness School Project. Slots are filling up very fast!

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Visit for registration and more information.

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So, at the beginning of the advert, a guy walks up to his friends and chats with them, shortly after, a lady brings out her phone and shows all of them a picture of Hollandia Choco Malt. In the next scene, some guys are playing the basketball, but one of them takes the lead.(Didn’t see any Hollandia Choco malt in this scene though)

Next scene, a lady is seen watching the last clip of her meeting with colleagues on her laptop where they all had Hollandia Choco Malt on their table. She has one on her table as well. Next is the salon scene where a customer has the Hollandia Choco Malt placed in front of her.

Next scene is where some students are all playing games. (Didn’t see the Hollandia Choco Malt drink though)In the next scene, a girl walks up to her friend showing off her Hollandia Choco Malt drink. (This is practically almost the same with the first scene)

Then the dance scene! (Eyes rolling)


The basic message in this advert is that Hollandia Choco Malt can be taken anytime, any day and anywhere. Hence the reason for the word “sharp sharp”
So, you can take it while working, playing, conversing and so on.

However, in as much as I love the young, cute faces used in the advert, they were all acting childish. Infact, everything about the advert looked childish, from the choreography, to the soundtrack down to those that featured in the advert. There is a difference between childish and childlike; if they had done the latter that would have been preferable.

Hollandia drink is not a baby’s drink, it is also taken by adults. If they wanted an advert with baby behaviours, they should have gone for younger kids. Those teens are supposed to be in their University perhaps they are still secondary kids; notwithstanding they were acting like babies.

1. Why they were dancing like people that had not eaten; basically, there was no energy in their dance. Their expression was baby like.

2. The advert song sounds childish
3. I wonder why this picture is blurred


I thought they were supposed to be University students not because the advert was shot at the University of Lagos. This advert could have been better if those featured in the advert put in more energy. Also, the advert song looks like those songs that people usually sing for babies

Duration: 60 SECONDS (A MINUTE)

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“Gentle as a lamb” is what best qualifies the personality of pretty model- Oluchi Phillipa Ubozoh, however, don’t you dare take her gentleness for stupidity.

The sociable Imo state indigen is currently studying Plant Biology & Biotechnology at the University of Benin. She is action-oriented which is synonymous with those with the zodiac sign- LEO. She was born July 23rd. She is fondly called “Luchy”.

The bundle of talent acts, sings and dances as well. One certain skill you can’t compete with Luchy is her skilful use of the skipping rope. She has various tactics of skipping aside the usual front and back styles. She is a movie junkie. She loves to visit new places and meet new people. Her kind of person can’t be regarded as gruff as a bear; certainly not her.

However, there is more to Luchy than just being sociable. She is a terrific reader as well. She is a curious and fast learner.

Luchy is one student that loves to work while schooling in order to make extra cash for herself. She has featured and danced in a lot of music videos. The model has also appeared in TV series like Jenifa’s Diary and Mtv Shuga. She is one personality you would surely savour watching on your screen. She is currently developing her web company

One thing people don’t know about Luchy: She is self motivated

Turnoffs : Lousy, loud and arrogant people.

Likes: Confident, determined, ambitious and kind-hearted people

Movie: Practically, I love action, comedy, romantic-comedy, or sci-fi movies

Music: Hip-hop and Blues… Then Afrobeat as well

Actor: Denzel Washington, Brad Pitt, Jim Iyke, Majid Michel, Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), Kevin Hart, Hugh Jackman, James Franco

Musician: The then P-square, Ed-Sheeran, John Legend, M.I, Chris Brown, Phyno, Davido, Sauti Sol, Beyonce, Cardi B and Usher

Best Food: Mostly Junk food (chocolates,pastries)

Best Drink: Malta Guinness (Herbal and non herbal) and yogurt.

Best Place: That would be anywhere that makes me feel good, peaceful and safe

Luchy is: Extremely talented, determined and self-motivated

Wishes for Nigeria: To become the great country it is meant to be, and that means the country must fully utilize the great resources at its disposal as well as come out from the clutches of corruption we currently find ourselves in.

President for one day: I will first of all make sure able-bodied, intelligent youths are put in power; youths have the strength and zeal. Then I would focus on putting more favorable policies not just for the elite but also for the masses in the Agricultural, Educational and Economical sectors because these sectors propel the country forward.

Follow Luchy on IG- luchyubozoh

Follow Luchy on twitter- phill_47267

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