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Again, I ask, how efficient are the customer care representatives of the Nigerian telecommunication industry? Airtel as case study again. Simply say, an efficient worker is someone that is skilled.
This would be the second time I am asking this question on this blog.

For days now, I have stopped recharging my airtel line and I have stopped using it to make calls (whereas, the airtel line is my major line) because I noticed that anytime I recharge my line, they are quick to remove my money. Meanwhile, It is hard making complains as their customer care line “111” is quite difficult to reach. Getting to speak to a customer care representative on that their care line is really like an herculean task, which I think is ridiculous. There should be no special ceremony on the code customers should press in order to be able to speak to a customer care representative- but that is how it is for Airtel.


So, after so much trials, I was finally able to connect to one of Airtel’s customer care representatives. In fury, I complained about how they had been removing my money without any reason anytime I recharge my line. Infact, the reaction I got from the lady was appalling. She threatened to hang up on me. At that moment, I had to just calm myself, because I knew what it took me to finally reach them.

You won’t believe that in the few minutes I explained my dilemma to the so called customer care representative, she never explained to me why they were removing my money. She ended up solving what she felt was the problem instead of what I complained about. Mtchew- Rada rada perin!


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