Tricia’s past (YVONNE JEGEDE)made her become wayword. Tricia and her two other friends lived life like it was no man’s island but theirs. They lived life like there was nothing called “wrong acts”. They did a lot of unimaginable things.

Tricia’s lifestyle infuriated her parents and made them sad. In a bid to get her back to her senses, they froze her account. But that didn’t still help as her rich friends were always available to supply her needs.

However, Tricia’s parents were not ready to lose their only child, so they gave her an almost impossible to achieve mandate given the short deadline, that made made Tricia sit up. Tricia was to bring home a man who would be her husband and then come up with a good business plan in three months, hence she risks losing the whole inheritance to outsiders. This made her pretend at first to be truly changed.

However, she didn’t have any man she was seeing, so she turned to unemployed Bode (FREDRICK LEONARD) for help promising him millions of naira as the reward, if he did her wish; that is pretend to be the husband she wants to marry. Bode reluctantly accepted the offer even though he knew it may put a dent to his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend- Imeh. Would Tricia be discovered by her parents? Will Bode lose his beloved girlfriend Imeh? Find out here

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