Funke recently called some people ingrates on her social media pages. Well, Funke Akindele aka Jenifa may or may not be talking to Juilana Oloyode popularly known as “Toyo baby from the Jenifa series. But it is only justifiable to say the message may be referring to her considering the fact that the two fell apart some weeks back based on financial issues.

It was gathered that Toyo left the Jenifa series because Funke Akindele was not paying her well.

Meanwhile, we may also say that Funke Akindele may not be referring to her considering the timing of this message, since what transpired between them seems to be a long forgotten issue and they have both moved on. What do you all think?Was Funke Akindele referring to Toyo baby or not? Perhaps, Funke is a sly, and purposely waited weeks after their fight to pen down a message like this (view message here)

so that people wont easily say she was referring to “Toyo baby”

In the message she wrote down, Funke said “If people you have helped to become superstars are ingrates, still move on…”

Here's my view

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