Still on the reason for the celebration, view the exquisite pictures of how the ST DOMINIC’S CATHOLIC CHURCH, YABA, LAGOS, NIGERIA, celebrated the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. They took to the street to dramatize the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus Christ and a lot more.

The Catholics pray the STATIONS OF THE CROSS every Friday during the Lent period which means forty days of fasting. The last Friday of the Lent period is been dramatized on the street. They pace from streets to street walking a distance to share the message on Christ Jesus, so that people can feel the pain and the suffering Jesus passed through before he was nailed on the cross.

The pictures illustrate one of the fourteen stations of way of cross of Jesus Christ, how he was denied by his disciples, the way he was condemned to death, the people he met on the way, the person that assisted him to carry his cross, the person that wiped his face and so many more, before he was nailed on the cross.

Photo credit- Edeoghon O Mark
Photo by- Image Matters
Photographer’s contact- 07033195336

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