These celebrity couples lived from soul mates to roommates until they eventually divorced. There was a time their love was ‘as sweet as sugar’ and they were regarded as ‘’love birds’ always holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes. They were the envy of other celebrity couples married and yet to be married, but now the sugar has no taste again, the bird flew away with their love, and now,love has gone sour. So, in order not to draw media attention, they decided to stick together but not as soul mates but as room mates until they could no longer live as room mates. ‘Ogefash’ blog brings to you the celebrity couples……

Iretiola and Patrick Doyle

The first couple on my list are the duo of Iretiola and Patrick Doyle. Not many people know that they have gone their separate ways but the union produced six children. Iretiola left the husband and kids and moved to her own self built mansion.

But come to think of it, do you need a soothsayer to tell you that this duo’s relationship was obviously dead. They hardly moved around together or talked about each other. One could tell that they lived in the same apartment but shared no mutual feeling; they were just room mates

One thing that may have punctured this relationship may be on the issue of increase in the part of one and the other was not keeping up. Iretiola Doyle was more in limelight than the husband. Patrick Doyle was living in past glory. The woman was raking in more money than the husband and overtime she became more famous than the husband. Sources revealed that Iretiola Doyle became the bread winner of the house as she became more affluent than the husband taking care of the family needs. There is also the age gap.

Tiwa Savage and Tee billz

(Clearing my throat) Common, Teebillz what were you thinking? That after all those heinous and spiteful words you wrote about your wife- Tiwa Savage Balogun, her mum- Iya Tiwa Savage etc and posted on your instagram page, you would still have a happily ever after wedding?

And Tiwa Savage what were you thinking that after all you came out to say on TV about your husband Tee Billz (Doesn’t buy diaper, he smokes this and that, womanises…) you would still have a happily ever after wedding? Okay, you guyz should continue oo…

Well the truth is that, one could tell that the case of this couple was more of deciding to forgive each other but they never forgot or let go the issue. They forgave each other partly and then moved on, but the inability to forget the issue crept up and consumed their union. I am not a marriage breaker, but I sincerely knew it, somewhere in my heart that, their re-union would not survive for long and this proved true.

Tonto Dike and Olakunle Churchill

The real Tontolet and the Churchillet! I have repeatedly tried not to believe that this two love birds are really no longer together. I thought theirs was love made from heaven and ordained specially by God. I thought they were inseparable until they joined the list of divorced couples. So aunty Tonto, so all those my husband is this and that, he bought me this and that, I love my husband “tori torun” na wash? God is watching oo.

Uncle Churchill, na the love wey you promise am you truly show am? Why you come dey flirt with another woman na? God is watching ooo.

Well, I later figured out that they were just great and perfect actors. They lived in the same room and acted their script well for the fame or sonmething else entirely. They made people believe they were soul mates, rather they were just room mates that needed to stay together to deliver a flawless job. I think they are still acting the script…

Caroline Ekanem and Musa Danjuma

Caro Caro! At times, some people just want the under of a man as well as the wealth; even if they are not going to be soul mates but room mates; the room plenty na and other wives don occupy their various rooms. So, I heard that she was against the husband marrying another person, forgetting that she also get “iya ile” before the husband marry am. “You share person husband with am, when im reach your turn, you know wan make them share am with you…hia…Who no like better thing na…”

Ini Edo and Philip Ehiagwina

Sincerely, I think this is another couple that are great actors, though unlike Tonto and Churchill that are still acting out a script, they have finished acting their own script. Really, they were just perfect room mates, never creating time for eachother. The whole marriage thing was just formality.

Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh

I don’t believe they are no longer together. They were such a beautiful, romantic and perfect couple only for it to be all over the media that they are no longer together. But who would be blamed for the separation? They moved from being soul mates to room mates. When they started, ‘the love dey do them’, suddenly love went sour. The husband would go out, claiming busy and at the end would not bring money home. All he did was just to enter the house and sleep. Communication between Damilola and Chris was punctured and they just managed to stay in the same house till they could no longer accommodate each other.

Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson

Really don’t know how things fell apart for this couple; I thought they were perfect couple. But after I watched their wedding video clip, then I discovered that Toyin was actually the one doing the loving more than the guy. The guy just needed her to boost his fame. He was practically cheating on her even after her wedding. Hence, living as roommate with her was convenient for him until he found another accommodation.

Toke Makinwa and Maje Ayide

Mbok, love is truly blind. This guy was obviously a definition of a perfect cheat. I don’t know why darling Toke didn’t see that. He hardly said anything about her while they were together. Meanwhile, Toke said a whole lot about him. Toke put the guy on her head while Maje put her under; omashe. This is what you call “In love with the wrong guy”. Toke thought they were perfect soul mates, meanwhile he just saw her as a roommate, though Toke discovered later, but it was pretty late.

I really hope the genuine love birds are able to fix their relationship and make it work again. I dedicate these songs to them “Photograph, Thinking out loud, Perfect, by Ed Sheeran” Winks…

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