Well, I surely do have a lot or should I say I have issues with this advert…

First is that this advert doesn’t teach contentment and I sincerely hope that no kid watched this advert without a parental guidance in order tell the child what exactly he or she should and shouldn’t pick out from the advert, which the advert failed to do.

In as much as I love the acting of the children in the video as well as the advert concept, the ending however already put a dent in the advert. In a world where children are easily misled, I suggest this advert should be revisited. It should be edited in such a way that the other boy was later discovered, scolded or punished for telling lies and lack of contentment. If this is done, the message of the advert will still be passed across “For Bama, children can do anything”


At the beginning of the advert, a woman is seen preparing her son’s school meal in the kitchen and at the same time hurrying him so he doesn’t go late to school. She garnishes his bread and then adds Bama to it. She then packs it into his lunch bag.

In school, during lunch time, the boy- Boy A brings out his food to eat but notices his friend- Boy B staring at him. Boy A asks boy B what happened and boy B tells him that he had forgotten his lunch bag at home. Boy A then shares his lunch with boy B; he is happy and this makes him shout yummy. Boy A replies him that his mum used Bama mayonnaise (Now at this point, they could have been creative about this advert whereby boy B tells boy A that he would go home and introduce Bama to his mum as well because it is yummy or better still, he goes home unhappy, and the mum asks him what the problem is, then he can simply tell his mum that he wants Bama because he loves it- Shikena!)

The next day, boy A’s mum packs his lunch bag for him again. Boy B’s mum dd not forget to give her son lunch this time. However, when boy B sights boy A, he remembers how yummy boy A’s food was and immediately hides his own lunch bag in order to eat boy A’s food with him again. During lunch time, boy A again sees boy B unhappy and asks him what the problem is and boy B replies that he forgot his lunch bag at home again. Boy A in his caring manner, shares his food with him again. The end…


• It is actually wrong to look at people’s mouth or food when they are eating
• The child would automatically find it convenient to tell more lies; he would tell lies to get other things not just for food.
• The child wouuld always want to have other people’s things


Lol, when I watched this part, I couldn’t help but laugh. The young boy was in a hurry to let out that “Umm, this is yummy”

Thumbs up

Those children were so outspoken. This script is a good one but the latter part should be reworked on, so that children learn to be contented with what they have and know that it is wrong to tell lies. Though people preach “share with others”, but we all know that children are also thought not to collect something from people. Also, I love boy A, the boy carried smiled all through the advert. He was cheerful…

This is a nice script but not properly executed. It has a poor ending. It is not encouraging for children to watch this advert. It should be edited. That last part where he tried to hide his lunch pack, someone should have fished him out and lectured him on the importance of being honest and contented.

Some years back there was a particular Dettol advert where a child jumped into a pit to retrieve his ball. Now people criticised that particular scene, not because they feel kids may watch it and feel all pits can be jumped into. Dettol listened to people and edited that scene. So, I expect Bama Mayonnaise to also do the same thing

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