Dwayne Johnson acted as Dr. Smolder Braveston; Alex Wolff acted as Spencer Gilpin; Madison Iseman acted as Bethany Walker; Jack Black acted as Professor Sheldon “Shelly”; Ser’Darius Blain acted as Anthony “Fridge; Kevin Hart acted as Franklin “Mouse; Morgan Turner acted as Martha Kaply; Karen Gillan acted as Ruby Roundhouse; Mason Guccione acted as Alex Vreeke; Colin Hanks acted as Alex Vreeke (Adult); Nick Jonas acted as Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough; Marc Evan Jackson acted as Principal Bentley; Sean Buxton acted as Alex’s Father; BOBBY CANNAVALE ACTED AS VAN PELT



Four high school teenagers- Spencer, Fridge, Bethany and Martha are put in detention by the principal for misdemeanours. Spencer and Fridge for copying each other’s assignment, Bethany for using her phone during quiz and Martha for refusing to take part in sport. While in detention in a secluded room, one of them notices a video game and connects it to the television. The appearance of the game is catchy so he calls his other friends to join in playing the game with him. As they press the start button, they notice an intense and incessant sound and this terrifies them. Spencer immediately quickly unplugs the game but it is already too late as they all vanish. They find themselves in an unknown jungle all transformed into their adult version with each having three lives to fight their way back to real life. Want to know what happened next? Find out in the plot


In 1996, a certain man while jogging on the beach finds a board game with the name ‘Jumanji” on it, he picks it up and takes it to his son Alex Vreeke (Mason Guccione) who is a game freak. Alex puts the game aside as he feels it is an old game. He sticks to his video game. However, in the night, he is unable to sleep because of the incessant and intense sound coming out from the board game. He moves closer to where it is and sees a cartridge in it. He inserts it on the board game and then vanishes, automatically getting stuck in the game.

Twenty years later, there is another game freak- Spencer Gilpin (Alex wolf). Spencer is supposed to help his friend Fridge (Ser’Darius Blain ) write his assignment, but because he is always on his game, he is unable to write Fridge’s assignment. Spencer instead copies his own assignment and gives it to Fridge.
Meanwhile Fridge has a brief chat with his mum before leaving for school. Another high school teenager -Bethany Walker (Madison Iseman) is always with her phone. She uses her phone to take a whole lot of selfies before leaving for school. Fridge stumbles on Spencer and he collects his assignment from Spencer unknown to him that Spencer didn’t help him out with his assignment, instead he copied his.

During a class quiz, Bethany is seen video chatting with a friend of hers. Her teacher notices her and rebukes her behaviour but Bethany however shows no remorse. She is then sent on detention. Meanwhile another teenage student- Martha Kaply (Morgan Turner) refuses to take part in the school’s physical education which makes her go into detention also. Fridge and Spencer’s attention are needed in the principal’s office (Marc Evan Jackson ) after discovering that both have the same assignment. Fridge is unhappy with Spencer.

Spencer, Fridge, Bethany and Martha are put on detention for their misconduct. The principal takes them to a secluded room that the school intends to turn into a computer center. The principal however tells the teenagers that the place needs to be prepared and thoroughly cleaned up before work is carried out on it. He gives them the job of removing the staples in the stack of old magazines in the room and hands them tools that will aid them in the work. They reluctantly accept to do this especially when they hear they would return the next day which is Saturday to finish up the work if they are unable to finish it that day..
While Martha removes the staples, Bethany is toiling with her phone, whereas Spencer and Fridge discover a video game in the room. They connect it to the television and it display the seven letter words “JUMANJI”. They are drawn to the various characters the game displays. They both pick characters after which they call Bethany and Martha to join them; they each pick a character from the video game as well.

Fridge picks the character Franklin Moose Finbar, Spencer picks the character Dr Smolder Bravestone, Bethany picks the character Prof Shelly Oberon, Martha picks the character Ruby Round house leaving the character- Jefferson Seaplane Mc Donough,. As they click the start button, the sound emaciating from the game is loud and intense, this terrifies them, and so Spencer looks for ways to unplug the game. He did but it was already too late as one by one, they all start entering the game. They find themselves in a different land, a jungle, but now as an adult all in the form of the character they each picked. Spencer is able to figure out what is happening as he tells them that they are stuck in the game. This terrifies them. Soon, they all discover three marks on their wrist thinking it’s a tattoo not knowing it is their lifeline which if exhausted means the end of their life on earth. In their puzzle, a hippopotamus raises itself from the river and swallows Bethany who is now in a male form because of the male character she picked. Moments later, Bethany resurfaces falling out of the sky making one mark in her body vanish; the four of them then realize that it is not a tattoo but their lifelines which they must use carefully.

Soon, they are chased by more hippopotamus but are saved by Nigel (Rhys Darby) who calls them into his vehicle. Nigel tells them that Jumanji is in great danger and needs their help to lift out the curse. Nigel gives Spencer and Bethany the same response to different questions they asked. Spencer quickly identifies him through his repetitive responses as an NPC (non-player character) in the letter, written because of the desperate situation in Jumanji. Nigel narrates to them about the jaguar shrine, the jewel and Van Pelt’s (BOBBY CANNAVALE)great obsession for the jewel which made him take the jewel and keep for personal use, however he has retrieved the jewel from him while while he was sleeping. After narrating the story, Nigel hands the jewel to spencer and his group and tells them to use their skills to return the jewel to the jaguar eye. He pleads with them to lift the curse. He tells them that if they wish to leave the game, they must save jumanji and call out his name. He hands them a map of jumanji and tells them to go to the bazaar to find the missing piece.

After nigel drops them off leaving them with some instruction, they all discover that they have individual skills. They look for ways to access them. Spencer’s strengths include – climbing, smoldering, boomerang, speed, intensity, fearless while he has no weakness. Martha’s own is karati, thai chi, aikido, dance fighting and weakness is venon. Bethany’s strength is Cartography, archaeology and paleontology and her weakness is endurance. Fridge’s strength is zoology, weapon’s balance while his weakness is cake, speed and strength . Meanwhile, it is only Bethany that can read the map nigel handed to them. Bethany finds out that the map is changing and sees a mighty roar / from the deep as the next challenge they are to face. While trying to figure out what is coming next, they are ambushed and attacked by Van Pelt’s men on motorbikes. They manage to escape them jumping off a cliff into a river but Martha loses her life in the process making her lifeline reduce to two. This terrifies them as they realize that they can all die in the game. Martha and Bethany now only have two lifelines, Spencer realizes that the bars on their wrists indicate the number of lives they have in the game. He guesses that there is a possibility of them dying both in the game and in the real world as well, once they lose all three lifelines.

Van Pelt’s followers return to him without the jewel and this upsets him He tells others to find those holding the jewel and bring it back to him. While journeying to Bazaar to receive the next clue, Spencer and Fridge engage in an intense argument about spencer’s contribution to the problem they are facing which makes Fridge push Spencer off a cliff hence reducing Spencer’s life line. Meanwhile Fridge’s life line reduces when he eats cake and Van pelt’s bird figure them out. A teenager sees the four of them and leads them to the missing piece which they find in a basket, however a snake is in the Basket. Fridge defangs it and they retrieve the clue. They are soon faced with Van Pelt’s men and they battle them but when Van pelt shows face, he demands the jewel from them. However another player stuck in the game for 20 years opens up smoke and they are able to flee from Van pelt. The four of them along with the other player pass through a passage but also face some obstacles. When they come out successfully, they introduce themselves to one another. The player tells them he is Alex (Mason Guccione). Meanwhile Van pelt kills one of his men when he realizes that he is unable to get spencer and his friends as well as retrieve the jewel.

Alex takes the four of them to the place which belonged to Alan Parish (Robin Williams), a place he has been living since he got stuck months ago oblivous that he has been there for years. They all chat, he introduces himself as the pilot Jefferson “Seaplane” McDonough (Nick Jonas). He makes them margaritas, Spencer takes it for the first time while Fridge is quick to take it and he gets drunk. Alex lets them know that he is unable to make the next phase of the game which is the transportation shed and he is being careful since he has only one life line left and doesn’t want to die in the jumanji game. They all promise to help one another.

As they journey on, they see some guards and in order to have an easy pass, they pick Martha to distract the soldiers which she reluctantly agrees to seeing that she doesn’t have what it takes to flirt with the men. Bethany however teaches Martha how to flirt in order to distract the guards. Meanwhile Spencer ‘s true feelings for Martha is seen as he chats with Fridge.

Spencer is able to discover that Alex has been in the game for twenty years and not just the few months he thinks. He is the popular Alex Vreeke people have been talking about that he disappeared. Alex is stunned to find out that he has been stuck for years as he feels he is still in the year 1996.

The team enter the transport shed as Martha uses her dance combat strength to distract the guys. Fridge lets an object fall which gives a loud sound and the guard suspects something fishy but Martha fights them all with her combat skills

Alex is scared about flying the helicopter since he has just one life left. While flying, there is a damage around the valley surrounded by rhinoceros which affects the speed of the helicopter. As they are chased by the herd of rhinoceros, Spencer finds a way to fix the helicopter and they gain balance back and are able to ascend. When they finally flee from the rhinoceros, Fridge tells them that the jewel has dropped from his backpack. They return to search for the jewel but see the rhinoceros surrounded by it. Spencer pushes Fridge out of the helicopter as a way to draw their attention and he gets the jewel back, hence making Fridge lose one of his lifeline and leaving him with one life. Spencer however grabs Fridge when he reappears.

When they finally get off the helicopter, they hail Alex, but Fridge tells them that they should hail him because he sacrificed his life, but they just laughed it off. Alex is suddenly stung by a mosquito and this weakens him. This almost kills him, but Bethany gives him cpr, one of her life lines in order to save him.

While Bethany and Alex chat about the 20 years he has been away, Spencer and Martha reveal their feelings to each other and when they attempt kissing again, Fridge shows up telling them that he has found the jaguar statue. Van pelt’s bird sees them and returns to tell his master.

Spencer loses one of his lives when he tries to return the jewel alone to the statue. This terrifies Spencer as he is skeptical to take another step in a bid to safeguard the one lifeline left. They all strategize ways to overcome the next battle. Martha battles with Van Pelt’s men with her dance combat skill
Van pelt takes Bethany hostage demanding that Spencer gives him the jewel but he tells him that he doesn’t have it. Soon, Fridge surfaces with the jewel while on top of an elephant that has become his friend but loses balance because of the jaguar guards as the jewel falls off his hand. It falls off on a ground surrounded by snakes but Martha finds a way to retrieve it. Van Pelt tries to attack her there. He demands the jewel from her but she wont let it go. In the process Martha loses her life and she and reappears somewhere else where she is able to pass the jewel to Spencer. Spencer catches Martha and then puts the jewel back in the jaguars eyes after which they call out the name- Jumanji.

Nigel shows up and thanks them for restoring peace to the jungle and congratulates them for lifting off the curse. The game ends and they all return back to the real world as Nigel shakes their hands.

The four teenagers return to their real forms but find out that Alex is not among them. On their way home, they pass by his house. They sight Alex as he gets off a car. Alex notices them and moves closer to them. He identifies each of them and tells then that he named his daughter Bethany.

The four friends all unite again, while Spencer and Martha take their dating to another level. Moments later, they hear the sound of the jumanji game, without wasting time, Fridge drops a bowling ball onto it and destroys the game.

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