The Maltavator Pan African Show is a TV show put together by the country’s number 1 Malt drink~ Malta Guinness. The TV show will kick off in the month of April and will be aired in different stations all over the world.

There would be 40 contestants from 4 different African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Ethopia and Cote d’Ivoire) competing for the whooping sum of $20,000 while other contestants would win $400 each.

Ten contestants from each country who have all undergone series of auditions in their countries were selected to represent their nation in this competition. In Ghana auditions held in Accra labad beach resort#beachfront

1. Simon Cephas~ He is loyal, hardworking and loves working out. He loves watching movies, being with his wife and kids.

2. Yaa Asiedua Addo~ She is humorous, cheerful and free spirited. She loves God, her family and friends. She describes herself as a talkertive and a fun loving person as well. She is a data collector.

3. Samuel Boanerges~ He is a body builder and trains people as well. He says he is sociable, single, and loves to have fun with everybody.

4. Bertha Bier~ She is sociable, beautiful and entertaining. She describes herself as the military lady. She is a good christian and loves God.

5. James Eddie Banfo~He is a professional model. He loves to teach people how to dance and loves travelling as well. He is adventurous. He doesn’t underestimate people. According to him “no one knows where the grass will look greener on the other side of life”

6. Prince Karku Hussein~ This fitness coach loves to be associated with his fitness outfit “Sadat fit” He is the only boy from a family of four. He is charming and he is capable of winning people over to his side. He is a fitness ambassador and he trains children in character and sport. He is also a writer.

7. Marshall Nortey~ He is a fitness coach and a P.E teacher. He is a person of integrity. He loves helping people, playing rugby, working out, travelling, singing and cooking. He loves kids.

8. Daniel Kwame Yin~He is a fitness enthusiast. He is industrous, proactive and loves to learn. He loves to have fun with his friends and families.

9. Oliver Puman~ He is a sport leader at Deeathlon Ghana. He loves fishing and horse riding.

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