The Maltavator Pan African Show is a TV show put together by the country’s number 1 Malt drink~ Malta Guinness. The TV show will kick off in the month of April and will be aired in different stations all over the world.
There would be 40 contestants from 4 different African countries (Nigeria, Ghana, Ethopia and Cote d’Ivoire) competing for the whooping sum of $20,000 while other contestants will win $400

Ten contestants from each country who have all undergone series of auditions in their countries were selected to represent their nation in this competition.

Ethiopia’s audition held in Juventus Club, AdissAbaba


1. Rajen Elias~ He loves it when they call him Gucci Gang. He loves listening to music, watching movies, reading, boxing and meeting new people. He is a lover of good clothes and shoes.

2. Keariam Abera~ He loves travelling though he has not been to many places. He loves playing basketball

3. Aychiluhim Warasa~ He is a fire fighter. He loves working out. He is a lovely person who cares for his country and serves his people.

4. Dagnachew Tesera Andie~ He is an architect. He specializes in architectural physical model making. He loves travelling. He says “challenges” are always accepted.

5. FEVEN YIIMA~ She is an hydraulic engineer. Unable to get engineering Jobs, she settled for the job of a sales person in her country to avoid being idle. She is very sociable. She loves challenges as they make her stronger.

6. Samrawit Worknelt~ She describes herself as the energetic lady. She loves to talk, have fun and smile. She loves to play golf.

7. Embert Aychew~ She is a 100 level Student studying Marketing in Admas University. She is sociable and loves to communicate with people.

8. Temesgen Girma (TOM)~ He describes himself as an extreme lover of God. He loves to read the bible and preach to people. He loves to listen to music, play chess, basket ball and volley ball. He loves to help people and work with Street children.

9. Dariwos Gebra Asadir~He describes himself as the shy engineer. He loves to be called Negos. He loves hiking, travelling, dancing and listening music. He is caring. He says “it is never big to dream big”

10. Alazir Beshir~ He is an industrial Engineer and a college lecturer. He loves taking part in sport activities. He loves watching movies and listening to music.

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