Femi Kuti, one of the sons of the late afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, who is the exact replica of his father had a lot to say at the shrine he manages with his sister~Yeni Kuti “The New Afrika Shrine”

Yesterday, thousands of fans garnered at the shrine to watch his scintillating and energetic performance.

Femi Kuti while on stage sang about the continuous suffering and struggle of the citizens of the country. He didnt stop there, he went on to mention the names of leaders that brought and are still bringing the country down; think you know he called?

Femi Kuti also took some time out to chat with his fans where he told them what he has facing in the hands of the Federal Government and the NDLEA.

According to him, the NDLEA (The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency) kept on writing petition against him. The singer said they accused him of abetting those into drugs as well as those into other wrong doings. But Femi told his fans that he doesnt encourage such and repeatedly warned them not to smoke in his shrine. He told them to go and smoke in their house and die there If they want to.

He revealed to those present at the shrine that he doesn’t smoke weed but smokes the Nigerian Natural Grass (LOL)~ which he just tasted twice and has ever since stopped taking it because it is of no good.

Femi went on to say that If the NDLEA keeps writing petition against him because they think they are the only educated people who can write, that he would oneday write his petition against them.

The singer didnt stop there, he also let his fans know that the FG has been frustrating his effort just like they did to his father and that the journalists are also writing bad things about him, but that wont bring down his spirit. After chatting his fans up, they cheered him up after which he continued singing

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