This advert was basically shot to celebrate Mother’s Day, hence different mothers from the major tribes were used to represent mothers nationwide in this advert. The advert is literally emphasizing the dynamic world of women; there is no one like Iya, Nne, Uwar

Women are always up and doing.


At the beginning of the advert, a mother tries to fix her son’s toy car. She searches google on her tab and uses it as a guide. She fixes the toy after which she hands it to her son. This puts a wide smile on the boy’s face as he leaves the room jumping with joy. This scene

emphasizes that a mother is always availablle to help their children any time or any day; she is ready to offer help in all ways. She would always find a way to solve a problem and would never give up till a solution is proffered and this of course puts a smile on a child’s face “you are super woman, you save the world all the time…”

The second scene tries to explain the the length at which a mother would go to do things not minding the risk in it. It also explains the strength of a woman. Hence the word “you put off fire with your bare hands”

The third/fourth scenes explain that even as caring/nice a mother can be, she can also be strict as well, but it is for the good of the children. She also coordinates and makes sure things are in order. She ensures there is peace and unity among the children and disciplines an erring child in order for the child to know the wrongs from the rights… “You end riot immediately…”

The fifth scene explains that even out of nothing, a mother still struggles to cater for her children and other children “You feed a whole nation from a tiny pot”

The sixth scene explains how a mother still thinks about their children and creates time for them even in her busy schedule.

The seventh scene explains the soothing nature of a mother, who is always able to calm her children when they are troubled “You give the generation peace with the sound of your voice”

The eight scene explains how a mother always looks out for her children every minute including the sleeping hour. It shows that a mother’s heart is never far away from her children, she thinks about them always, even if there is a great distance between her and her kids “ You never really sleep, you are too busy, looking out on your children”

The ninth scene explains the nature of mothers who are always up and doing. Hardly do you see them idle, they work like 22/7, they hardly have enough rest. In the day they are preparing children for school, later to laundry, cooking, and a host of others, the only time they do not work is when they are sleeping.

But the moment they are awake, work has started for them. “And when the sun comes back up in the sky, they find you, asking you why it took so long…”

The tenth scene, children gather to celebrate their mother because of her undaunting love for them and how she keeps taking care of them ‘Thanks for showing us love…”

I totally love this MTN advert, tried to find faults but didn’t find any. From the setting to the people featured in the advert and so on; all were terrific and the people used were very expressive, not just their mothers alone, but the kids as well. One could decipher what was going on from their facial expression. There were about ten scenes, but none of the people featured in the advert talked, because there was already a narrator whose voice sounds like that of a child. The child is indeed a great narrator!


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