So, it is called “Love is the reason for the season”

It’s valentine and a certain guy is expecting his girlfriend at his place. He plans to give her a unique romantic treat on valentine, so he starts out by taking care of his body. He shaves, brushes his teeth and cleans up generally, all to look good for his girlfriend. He afterwards sets the mood for the valentine. He starts out by arranging the candles on the floor in a love shape after which he lights them. He then pours roses on the floor, switches off the light, takes off his clothes, and then uses a leaf to cover his front. (If you know what I mean)

However, when his girlfriend visits him, she opens the door and doesn’t notice his presence talk less of his romantic treat. She enters the room, picks up her phone and starts chatting (who exactly? I really don’t know). This boy tries to get her attention but he is unable and this saddens him.

That girl naturally must be a stingy girl. I mean on valentine, she just walks into her boyfriend’s house (she herself no carry gift o for the guy) and doesn’t check around for him, but the next thing she does is pick up her phone and starts chatting. That scene is quite unrealistic to me. If they had done the advert in the form that the girl took note of what the guy did but was not freaked about the treat, it would have been better. But that she just entered the house without looking at the sitting room; na wash, I mean it is not possible.
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Just wondering
• I don’t quite agree with this advert- who are their targets? The rich, average? Certainly not the poor ones, perhaps the rich only. It says do something bigger. When you have the money or you don’t?

• It is also discouraging in that some men who may not be rich may resolve into doing something dubious all in the bid to do something bigger for their girlfriends.
• I don’t want to believe the guy didn’t cook dinner or buy gift for the lady, there has to be something more. I mean what kind of valentine would that be na?

• The part where the word “Sorry lover boy, try something bigger” popped up on the screen, should have appeared on the scene where they showed the guy, and not the girl. It made it look like the girl was cheating on the guy. So is the Samsung advert saying that if a guy can’t afford something big, the girl should move to a guy that can afford something big? Well just wondering…


Love the advert though, but it could have been better

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