Just like her name ‘Goldie’ everything about late dynamic musician Susan Adebimpe Harvey best known with the stage name “Goldie” oozed out gold. From her eye-catching videos to her flamboyant fashion style, down to her exquisite accessories and then to her luminous body which illuminated the whole place as well as brought live to her videos.

The British Nigerian pop artiste, studied business management at the University of Sunderland, UK. The Ekiti lady had five other siblings comprising three girls and two boys.

Goldie’s music career started in 2007 and ended abruptly in 2013 following her death on the 14th of February, 2013. She died after returning from the 55th Grammy awards. She complained of headache to her best friend at that time- Denrele edun, who rushed her to her official hospital in Victoria Island- Reddington. Sadly, Goldie never made it out of the hospital alive. She didn’t live to see another break of the day. She was later buried on the 25th of February at Vaults and Gardens cemetery, Ikoyi lagos

In a world were most musicians are associated with drugs, Goldie’s sudden death made tongues wag that the late musician was into drugs but an autopsy carried out by the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja countered such public notion, revealing the true cause of her death. According to their report, the creative singer died as a result of hypertensive heart disease.

Goldie was signed to Kennis record label before her death and had terrific sounds which were accompanied with colourful videos that were really entertaining to watch. She was expressive, had self-worth, highly sophisticated, a big spender and a lot more…

Even though Goldie died on a very popular day , a day set aside for love birds, a day set aside to show love to people “Valentine’s day” which means all would certainly not forget her as they can’t forget valentine, it is however ironical that media houses hardly remember or say anything about her death. It is also appalling that as the musician died, her songs also died with her as media houses seem to have quickly moved on to the works of only those that are still breathing. Meanwhile, it is hardly like that overseas, up till today, I still hear about 2pac, at times the way he is mentioned, you had think he was still alive.

Meanwhile Goldie was one tenacious lady, classy, resilient, eccentric, a go getter who was not intimidated by the male counterparts who dominated the music scene at that time. She kept on striving and aiming for the top. She was certainly the envy of her female counterparts in the industry. However, she was in no competition with anyone; she had her own type of song and brand. She was one of the female musicians in the country that paved way for other female musicians to start gaining immense recognition. Also, she was the only lady that spent so much to shoot a video and that capability is yet to be taken up by any Nigerian female musician; they spend also but not like goldie did.

She gave her best (financially and materially) to make her videos outstanding and the most talked about. She gave her best to build her music career. She was the only musician during her time that brought out a huge sum of money and spent it on videos just to make it standard and leave the audience staring at the scene.

Goldie Harvey was one person that stayed off scandals, though her appearance on the Big brother Africa game brought so much attention on her where people thought she was having an affair with housemate- Prezzo, little did they know that she wasn’t interested in him as late Goldie was already married to Engr Andrew Harvey but kept her marriage a secret. She was no doubt a kind of person that loved privacy and was not always too comfortable when asked questions. Goldie has a lot of awards to her name.

I was a great fan of hers; I loved the resilient spirit in her. She kept striving despite the little or no space the female musicians were given in the music industry at that time.

We at ‘OGEFASH’ Blog remember and honour Goldie Harvey and pray that her soul continues to rest in peace.

Her last songs two songs before her death were ‘SKIBOBO’ were she tried to create her own unique dance step, the video garnered over a million view on youtube, and ‘MILIKI’ FT NAVIO








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