Inspector Long Zhi Qiang (Sammo Hung) successfully foiled a large drug trafficking operation worth more than 35 million dollars. He was applauded for this act. Some days later while celebrating with his family, a group of assassins led by Madame Rose (Ellen Chan) attack his home. They killed his entire family and kidnapped his only daughter Wen jin (Jennifer Tse). Meanwhile, Long was also shot and his apartement blown but he escaped death narrowly.

Madame Rose soon wiped away the memories of Wen Jin, leaving her with memory of her alone and some unclear memories about her father. She afterwards turn her to an assassin and sends her to kill her after. Would she carry out this act? Find out in this 2012 movie

Cast: Sammo Hung, Jennifer Tse, Ellen Chan, Philip Ng, Ankie Beilke, Andy On, Jia-Qi Kang, Lena Lin, Jiang Luxia, Ian Powers, Timmy Hung, Anthony Wong as Power

Written and produced by Womg Jing, Directed by Marco mak . About 1:30 minutes

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