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The story is about a young lady “Sola Arikusa” (FATHIA BALOGUN) vlcsnap-2018-02-19-08h10m47s585who wanted vengeance after her whole family was wiped out by assassins. In a bid to avenge the death of her family, she travels some kilometres away in search of powers from the all-powerful Deity ‘Ijamido’ who would usually shed tears before pouring out blessings on the villagers that want to be blessed.

However, Ijamido sleeps for a whole year after which it’s woken for a day to bless all the villagers who are already assembled and celebrating its arrival with so much ecstasy.
The native doctor tells Shola that he can’t wake the deity up. Shola is saddened about her wrong timing especially when the deity is still in its season of its sleep, but on her way, the child of a native doctor promises to help her in exchange of the money she wanted to give his father. Ijamido is woken before its usual time and this brings a lot of death in the village. Did Shola Arikusa escape Ijamido’s wrath? Find out here


Biliki’s mother in law and husband- Folurunsho warn her about Shola Arikusa’s powers. They also tell her that Shola isn’t likely to be easily defeated by the police. They advise her to either drop the case or resign from the job. She vows to think about what they both said

The native doctor- Adifala tells Honourable Goriola that he can’t help him win the election again because he wants his son- Fashali to also win. Goriola is infuriated that Adifala betrayed him by transferring all his rights to his son. Goriola reminds of how much he billed him. Their conversation goes awry as Adifala threatens to deal with him so he runs away.

Honourable Goriola goes to report Adifala to Sola Arikusa and seeks her help. He tells her that Adifala betrayed him and he is after his life. Shola bills him the same amount he had given to Adifala

During a meeting conveyed by the PPE party, they all mention their needs ranging from polo to poster and more campaigns to Fashaki, their impending governor. Shola’s girl appears and throws confusion in their mist. Fashaki brags that he is going to win the election whether they vote for him or not. He suddenly attacks his members. Two members from Fashaki’s party leave his party because of his attitude and join Goriola’s party.

Shola storms the police station. Because of her kind of being, they are scared to arrest her, they tremble at her presence. Shola demands the release of a certain prisoner- Yomi arrested unjustly. After Shola and the team leaves, the police in command tells his team to device ways to arrest her. Biyi enters the office looking ready to shoot Shola but he is told she has gone

A lady- Kudirat goes to visit the judgmental Muslim clergy, a lady comes to see him concerning her future partner and marriage. He condemns her nose ring. He asks the girl if they have had sex before and the lady replies yes. He curses her and tells her that she would go to hell for fornicating and wrong fashion.
Biliki is still up late at night working on her laptop. Folorunsho lets his wife Biliki know that he heard that Shola stopped by at the police station but they were unable to do anything. He tells Biliki that Shola is not ordinary and pleads with his wife to drop the case or resign. Biliki is not ready to give up on the case. Folorunsho packs her things up, goes inside the room and tells her to join him.

Biyi goes to report Shola to his native doctor daddy- Adifala, demanding that he should help him capture her in order to be more respected in his place of work. Adifala goes to call for help to conquer Shola in his shrine but he is told that she is very powerful. He is however told to tie a red cloth to a statue, urinate in a snail water for seven days and then pour it on the statute.

Shola wakes up from sleep smiling, apparently she saw what was going to happen next

Some thieves go and rob in Florunsho’s bank carting away a huge sum of money. Shola waylays them, they try to kill her but they see she is powerful. They try to run away but she uses her powers to freeze them to a spot. One of the robbers- Ladi was the one that killed her mum and brother. She uses her voodoo and commands him to go and kill his mum in the village after which he is killed too. Ladi kills his mum like he is instructed to and his gang member kills him after which she kills herself.

Biyi’s wife tells him to go and arrest Shola who is currently at the robbery scene, but Biyi tells her that Shola has warned the police men to stay off her route anytime she hits the road. Biyi’s wife is infuriated and calls her husband a coward for fearing a lady despite having a father that has voodoos too
The police men are at Folorunsho’s bank investigating the robbery incident. Biliki is also with them. When Shola shows up to return Folorunsho’s money, she arrests her.

Shola’s case is taken to the court and it is Makinwa that is the judge, he was part of those that wiped her family out. Shola judges him instead and orders death on his case after which she disappears.

Adifala does a ritual to render Shola powerless

The Muslim clergy’s daughter- Rukayat is sick and her boss visits her in the house. Her dressing displeases the Muslim clergy who instantly rebukes her and condemns her soul to hell. Rukayat shows up and disapproves her father’s behaviour. She pleads with her boss but she is too upset with her dad’s attitude and fires Rukayat at the spot

Adifala hands his son Biyi a stature representing Shola and asks him to break into two. Biyi breaks it successfully and his father guarantees him that Shola is now powerless

Sola is suddenly moody. Her boys ask her if everything is okay and she replies yes

Biyi’s daughter- Keji is down with sickness and his wife is upset that he wants to leave her in that condition and go to work. They throw words at each other and she tells Biyi that ever since his promotion she has not for once enjoyed him in the house while Biyi tells her that it is the promotion money that he is using to take care of them. He tells her to take Keji to the hospital and leaves for work afterwards

The police men led by Biyi and biliki go after Shola. Confident in the charm his father Adifala prepared for him, Biyi orders Shola to surrender, but she doesn’t. He then fires her twice but the billets bounces back on his wife and kid instead and they die instantly in the house. Shola makes other policemen freeze and makes Biyi disappear to his house where he sees his family lying dead on the floor.

Shola finally reveals herself to Adifala who is taking care of his injured son- Fashakin. Adifali is infurated with her that she dares enter his house. His son runs away immediately he hears the name Shola Arikusa. Adifalas tries to use voodoo to defeat her her but Shola subdues him and imprisons him in his phone. He pleads with her but she shuns him

Biyi goes to his father’s house to express his disappointment over the jazz he gave him against Shola which failed as well as let him know that Shola has killed his family, but he finds out that Shola has been in the house and has imprisoned his daddy in a phone.

King Adeoye and his chiefs are discussing Shola when she speaks to them without showing her face. She tells the chiefs to tie the king in the forest and beat him to death. The chiefs are terrified by her declaration and immediately leave the king

An addicted weed smoker- Alfa Sule goes to meet the Muslim clergy for prayers that will help cure his voice and also make him repent. But the Muslim clergy condemns his soul to hell and he runs away

Folorunsho badges in and tells his wife and mum that Shola made judge Makinde kill himself despite the handcuff on him. Meanwhile is wife is more interested on the reason Shola returned the money stolen from his company back to him. She feels there is more than meets the eye, but Folorunsho avoids the subject
The new governor- Goriola meets with Shola to appreciate her for helping him. Shola accepts his greetings but however punishes him for sacrificing three girls to attain the post. She tells him that she only assisted him to show him how powerful she is. His punishment leads to his death

A student while reading the paper laments about the sudden disappearance of governor Goriola who has been missing for about a month. Meanwhile, another student is indifferent about his disappearance.

The king and the chiefs plan against shola. They find out what will make her powerless and were told the urine of a woman pregnant for the first time.
They take the king to the forest and tie him down. They beat him continuously waiting for Shola to show. Meanwhile, a guy hides somewhere waiting to pour the urine on Shola. When Shola shows up, he tries to pour the Urine on her but finds out that the bottle is already empty. Shola however kills all of them and lets the king go telling him that they have sacrificed their life for him.

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