So, on Thursday, 16th February, 2018,about a week ago, I entered this Justrite superstore situated around Bariga axis. The reason I visited the place was because a friend of mine had told me that he bought a particular drink and got three of that same drink for free; apparently there was an ongoing promo at that moment.

But when I visited that superstore, I was shocked at the prices of their goods, they were ridiculously expensive. Meanwhile, I thought supermarkets usually sell products at low prices since they buy their goods directly from the manufacturers at lower prices than smaller stores. Though, the place fine sha…

Well, that’s not the main gist, here is the main gist…

So since I was already in the superstore I decided to purchase some items on a budget of a thousand naira. What I picked were majorly toilettes and I could clearly see the prices of each item on their various spaces. So, personally, I calculated the prices of the goods I purchased to be less than a thousand naira.

So I headed to the cashier for her to ring up the products I bought, but to my utmost surprise, the female cashier billed me about times two of what I already calculated. So, where is the mistake or miscalculation coming from because I saw the female cashier scan the goods I purchased.

I later discovered that the prices of goods in their computer do not tally with the prices on the slab where the goods are placed, which is pretty bad. That’s a way of deceiving and duping the unsuspecting customers who out of excitement may gather many goods because of the low prices, and because of the trust they so much place in superstore management or because they are in a hurry, may not recalculate the prices of the goods they purchased.

The most annoying thing was that I was even trying to tell the female cashier to tell those in charge to update the prices on the slab and she was giving me attitude, trying to make me feel cheap or poor in the presence of others that had purchased a lot of goods compared to me. Rubbish! Oneday I would be wealthy too, but that doesn’t mean I should be susceptible

Customers, shine your eyes when you go to superstores, pay the right prices for goods and not for the beauty of the store.
So, I am practically calling on the management of Justrite superstore Bariga to update the prices of goods on their slab so that it can tally with what they have on their computer.

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