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Lagos state indigene Ahmed Oluwadara Abimbola never had any nick name since childhood till now. She is fondly called ‘Darah’. Born on the 26th of November, she is currently a 400 level student of the Obafemi Awolowo University. Darah loves to read, go see movies, listen to jazz music and do lots of fashion sketches. She is a terrific fashion designer.

Turn Offs: Bad breathe (definitely), bullying, mediocrity, disorganisation.

Likes: creativity and aesthetics, simplicity.

Movie:Great Gatsby
Music: Overwhelming – John Bellion
Actor: Zainab Balogun
Musician: Nina Simone/Adele

Best drink: Coca Cola
Best Food : I’m a foodie, any tasty meal goes
Best Place: Home

Wishes For Nigeria
Nigeria is a blessed nation, governed and inhibited by humans short of perfection. Though perfection is arguably unattainable, I really hope that every Nigerian awakens to the fact that our individual actions count. A positive change or action in your own little space goes a long way in affecting Nigeria as a whole. Be the change you want to see!

President For One day
Uhmmm… That’s a tricky one. But a one day rule can’t fix damages of decades. But I could see to it that a certain amount be allocated to certain states who have been owing their workers salaries for months. I will put the necessary checks and sanctions in place. (That too can’t be achieved in one day)


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