VALENTINE is here again and the atmosphere is that of love and the desire to be loved (you understand now). ‘Valentine’ is all about appreciating the people you care about the most or a day some people set aside to appreciate their loved ones. Fine, we show love to people everyday, but the idea is just to have fun and do something different from your routine

Anyway, some people already have someone special to celebrate the day with. Some will be celebrating it with their significant order.

While some don’t have some one to celebrate with. But nothing to worry about, if you are in this category, you can always val other people not just families, friends or your significant order. I remember when I was serving in the North, Kano precisely, on valentine’s day, I took a certain amount and split into different denominations, so I gave out to the children around me, and guess what, they were all happy; the experience was thrilling.

Just do something spectacular for another person, put a smile on someone’s face; don’t be left out.

Or better still, don’t dull, look to your left/right, there is that babe who is waiting for you to val her #winks. Common, never let her go, do the needful. Just say “Be my val” download (7)

Or just close your eyes, before you open it there will be a suuuuuuuuurprise gift; just believe. And if you don’t see the gifts when you open your eyes, just take yourself out joor, make yourself feel special too. Probably you just had a recent break up and you feel extremely lonely- gbagbe osi joor, rise up and give yourself a nice treat and be happy; and who knows, something good might come out of it

And for all the ladies who have shopped for beautiful red dresses, just ensure you don’t go all red today (+shoe+bag+accessory etc), so you don’t look like ‘Tomato’. In essence, you could wear a red dress but complement your outfit with other colours of bag, shoe, accessories and so on

I am out of here, just ensure you give someone a nice treat; make someone feel special.

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