Princess Onyechere like her name, is truly a princess. She is a great sight to behold. Princess hails from Imo State. Her friends love to call her Nenye. She loves talking, singing and sleeping as well. Princess would be a year older next month; 4th of march precisely.

Princess is a Finance student at the University of Lagos. She is a student with a difference; zealous, goal getter and resilient. She is currently working with a Finance Firm. She has never been in a serious relationship before, her words “baby girl is busy pursuing Bsc degree and professional courses

Dislikes: bullies, arrogant people and body odour
Likes: Friendly and goal oriented individuals
Favourite musician: I love Jidenna’s songs because I am presently crushing on him.

Best drink: Origin zero
Best food: Spaghetti and Chicken
Best place: Amazon Spur
Favourite Movie:-Pursuit of Happiness
Favourite Music:-Jon Bellion(Maybe I don’t know)
Favourite Actor:– Will Smith,

Wishes for the country: I wish Nigeria could be a peaceful and happy nation
President for one day: I will sack President Buhari’s cabinet, they are all inactive and then appoint seasoned expertise in different sectors and also pay myself a salary that will last for 20 years… Lol


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