Dettol has numerous adverts though, but we picked this particular one for now.
So, at the beginning of the advert, two adults – a male and a female visit a school (the entrance doesn’t really look like a school, not because the school’s identity was withheld) to teach the pupils how to protect themselves from diseases.

The adult male (we don’t know where the adult female went to, they just didn’t show her again) enters the class and asks the children if they know how people get illnesses like diarrhoea, cough and cold, the children reply yes. He tells them that they spread through germs from their hands which they get through diverse means such as, when they don’t wash their hands after using the toilet (his voice wasn’t clear, it was like he said “when you wash your hands after going to the toilet’)or when playing.

He however advised the pupils to fight germs to stay healthy by washing their hands regularly with Dettol soap to protect themselves from 100 illnesses causing germs.

I noticed something in the classroom, some of the pupils participated while some didn’t participate at all, some where even looking elsewhere when the adult male was talking. I don’t know if it was done purposely but really that’s cool, it makes it look like a real class, because truly in a class, there are still some pupils that would always one way or the other be distracted. Though, when they were singing, more pupils participated. Which makes me ask the question, is it that children are more interested in an activity that comes with music? Well I leave that to the readers.
But all in all, it is a cool advert. Just that the way those children were using that soap… Watch it here

Just wondering
• What happened to the lady that visited the school with the adult male?
• There is a particular way of washing hands, those children should have been taught the right way
Thumbs up!
You just have to love this little kid, she was exceptional, my heart almost cut thinking she may really be sick, cos she was exceptional; she can pass for a child actor

Familiar face
Remember this guy? He was in indomie noodles advert


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