So, I was bored yesterday, and I decided to scan television stations on my phone until I stumbled on a show titled “WAZOBIA FM CARNIVAL 2018′. I was immediately filled with joy that finally an end has come to my boredom.

So, moments later, they finally called unto ‘this comedian’ and they hyped him as the international-world best comedian……
“Give it up for the international bla bla bla”

For ten/fifteen minutes he was practically empty of jokes; no joke in his basket neither was his mouth in the basket. He just became a ‘lecturer’ on stage; it was more like he was teaching. He had nothing funny in him at all, comedy was out of him. All I could just do was roll my eyes.

Anyway, im don make im money already, so im no dey stress im head for creativity again, abeg clear road make them see the new ones

Still wondering who the comedian is? you may need to re-read the article…

I don’t know when some comedians will begin to realize that ‘no man is an Island to himself’, you can always have people write jokes for you and pay them if you are short of ideas rather than embarrassing yourself on stage.

Here's my view

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